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Observer - Observed Connection

Feb 20, 2023

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

In this audio recording, I explore the quantum entanglement of the observer and the observed as it is expressed in shamanism.

This connection is foundational to shamanic consciousness and practice.  An active inquiry into this, an exploration - allows you to come more and more clear to the beauty of this work.

Our interaction with the healing is a part of the healing.  And yet, a real knowing of this creates a humility and a bowing to the great mystery. It requests the ego to step aside.

I recorded this with practitioners in mind... yet, we all are 'practitioners'  in some way or another offering our presence and assistance.

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Safety is Honouring the Power in Your Practice

Feb 16, 2023

This video message comes from the site for a new healing space here in Belize.  It feels good to connect to you from this location... even though it hasn't been fully completed in this realm yet!

When patterns and themes come up through my communications with people at Shaman College, I know it is a message to share these pieces with you.

Today, I want to look at the foundations of safety and effectiveness in our practices.

I know that our work can be powerful and effective, while being safe.  I feel strongly that we can do this amazing healing work and be ethical and clear.  (This is a big topic - and today's sharing begins the discussion.)

I want you to know that safe shamanic practice honours your power and potential.  Safe shamanic practice also honours the power in the practice itself.  Without these two threads... one can wander into tricky situations.

Shamanism is not the easiest path, yet it is divinely beautiful.  We are not 'joking' around or...

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Mother Ocean - Tidal Breathwork

Jan 26, 2023

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

In a dream, I was interviewed and asked about what I had to teach about the breath.  For a long time now I have been teaching breathwork - from many modalities, approaches and viewpoints.  Yet, when asked in the dream, I had nothing to share!  There was only silence.

After what felt like a fairly long pause, or blank mind... I began to speak and out poured a river.

In this video I share with you what is flowing about breath and how it connects us to the Mother Ocean, all life on Earth and the Universal consciousness, divine love.

Your breath unites all the elements and really is an aspect of light moving through you in this life.

For shamans and healers, the breath opens your visioning ability, your sight in the darkness.

I am sure there will be more to record and share with you.  For now, I have recorded a video lesson... please see link below.

Embodied awareness of the tidal flow of our breath has many benefits:

  • Opens us to...
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Gift of Perspective

Jan 15, 2023

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

Perspective... is a gift that shamanism offers us.  We can travel far out like an eagle and we can go deeply into the depths like the roots of a great tree.  This perspective itself heals.

When there is a need for assistance and healing, when there is imbalance and unease or disease, one may be circling around in the eddy of conflicting emotions, energies, toxins and confusion. This gets expressed emotionally, mentally and physically.  It is the middle-zone... when one can feel 'too close' to what is happening.  I call this a lack of perspective.  (In shamanic terms, we could understand this as the confusion state within the Interworlds.)

Actually, much of everyday activity and interactions in our world, operates within this middle zone.  It doesn't have to be this way... it is simply a pattern adopted and practiced into a habit.  Shamanism gives us the abilities to break outward or dive inward to see with the...

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New Year Insights

Jan 08, 2023

Many blessings to you all for this new calendar year.

As I sense into this transition, I keep receiving the message that there is work to be done.  This is not a message that is meant to challenge you nor is it to inspire you... it is simply a grounded statement.  There is work to be done.  You have prepared for this emotionally, spiritually and energetically. Lifetimes and ancestral lines have come together for this.

What is needed is your full presence and your truth-filled power.  Your animal guides and allies are here to assist you with this.  They see through all costumery and masks that you may wear and also the ones that are worn by others.  They have a no-nonsense compassion and requirement.  They see through the 'wolves in sheep's clothing' or the ones that say one thing but mean another.

You also may be asked to cleanse more regularly to maintain your clarity and your groundedness. And very importantly, honour the power in this ancient...

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Solstice Blessings

Dec 22, 2022

Hello dear Shaman College Community,

Here we are are within last days of this year... on this solstice, I sit and connect to you and send many blessings of peace, light and joy.

Please join me in this 'pause' moment within the activities and festivities... the Earth and the Spirits call us to that place of expansion both outwards and inwards.  These are the solstices within every breath cycle, they are the places of open channels...

A pause is not a stop.  It is an opportunity to connect to your infinite nature.

May these days be filled with celebrations, happiness, and also deep love and peace.

From all of us at Shaman College.

In gratitude...

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Multiple Realms Unfolding

Dec 07, 2022


For this video, I recommend that you join me as if we are sitting together.  It is a longer one and I felt so many of you gathered together.  It is as if many of us were together and the messages were coming through.

The explorations include: diving into our own unfolding, true self, erasing the linear timeline, multiple realms coexisting, grounding in the heartbeat/ heart resonance.

As always, sending blessings out to you,

Thank you for joining me,

With love,


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Wisdom Keepers in Your Bones

Sep 28, 2022

Hello dear Shaman College Community,

I am inspired to share with you some insights coming from our group and the process in our course, Your Spirit Allies

In this video I introduce the spirit allies that I lovingly refer to as our Ancient Soul Ancestors or the Wisdom Keepers.  These beings were two-legged's, they had a human heart, a crown to the heavens and light in their eyes,  They lived here and breathed here... and they bless our existence.

How can we connect to them if we cannot see them?  How can we receive them if we cannot hear them?

It is through our shared presence and our shared human experience that we can find them.  They are in our bones, our footsteps and in our reverence for Mother Earth.

I urge you to get less personal, and more global when you connect to these allies. They are not 'yours', they are here for all of us.  Instead of looking at one persona, you must tap into the power, potential and love that exists as a human medicine....

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4 Guides Visit Meditation

Sep 08, 2022

Hello Dear Shaman College,

I have a real treat for you... that came from the sunrise in the East.

This is a guided meditation and imagery practice that honours and works with our spirit guides in animal form.  It is specifically for those of you who have already met and regularly commune with your animal spirit guides.  However, all are welcome to take part and I give some instructions in the audio for how to join me with the help of animal allies.

What you will notice as you go through this process is that we work with both the 'known' and the 'unknown'.  In shamanism, we are doing this all the time.  From one perspective, you could say that we are all working with what we call 'the known', as we go through our lives.  Many people are even hiding away from what they consider to be 'the unknown'.  Yet, in shamanism as we walk the known, we are open to the unknown.  This allows for synchronicity, creativity, messages, ah-hah moments, and advanced...

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Tuning the Dial of Consciousness

Aug 30, 2022

Hello Dear Shaman College,

As I prepare for our upcoming course, Your Spirit Allies, I reflect upon the ability that we all have to "tune-in". As humans, light-beings, we have a powerful access to the vibrations and energetics of this Universe.

This ability is built into who and what we are.  You are always tuning into something, and often times many things at once.  Right now, as I write this, I am tuning into you... seeing you as an individual sovereign and unique being but I am also tuning into you as one of our Shaman College community members. This creates a lift in my energy... as I see our college, a group of heart-centred healers, shamanic practitioners, students, graduates, teachers and friends through the common ground of this earth and these stars, the drumbeat and the lineages through time.

It is important to recognise to what you are tuning your consciousness.  Why is this?  We impact the health of ourselves, of our world, and of the beings...

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