Registration is open for May 15th - Shamanism for Self-Healing
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Circle of Earth and Spirit - Shaman College

Studies in the Shamanic Arts and Our Sacred Instrument

(college= a community that gathers together)


These are intensive and transitory times and there is no mistake, we are here for a reason.


The Earth and all life needs you to be in your wholeness... it is your time to remember what the wisdom keepers before have known- that our place here is sacred.


A realised individual emits light, offers healing through their presence, retrieves guidance and assists us all through their heart's strength.


And together as a college... our light carries us.



Shamanic healing bridges the spiritual to the physical, helping with imbalances and illnesses in the body, mind, heart, environment and community.

At Shaman College, we know the importance of qualified, experienced practitioners. We  provide in-depth training to uphold an excellence and effectiveness in shamanic healing for modern times.

Today's contemporary culture has left behind the earliest spiritual 'medicine'.  When nature and spirit are re-introduced into a whole-healing plan, the individual can thrive again in life and embody their soul's purpose here.


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We have two paths of study...

One for those seeking self-practice and self-healing. The other is a professional track for in-depth training to offer healing to others and continuing education.

Self-Healing Path
Practitioner Training Path

Join us in honouring this sacred life

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