Membership Options at Shaman College

FREE Membership includes:

  • Monthly Group Zoom Gatherings with Kimba
  • Monthly Group Healing Sessions
  • Psychopomp Earth Healing audios

White Shell Membership includes:

  • Access to Full Archive of over 100 videos
  • New Monthly White Shell Yoga session
  • Earth Prayers Meditations
  • Living Crystal - anatomical lessons, breathwork series, movement guidance

We come together, tune-in and breathe.  We heal together.

FREE Monthly Membership Includes:

Monthly zoom meetings where you have an opportunity to meet, receive guidance, and ask questions.

  • These meetings include a guided grounding meditation and then we proceed to participants' questions and inquiry
  • Replays are available for those who can not attend
  • You are welcome to send your questions ahead of time if you cannot make the meeting.

Group shamanic healing sessions

  • The recordings are posted as audio files and are accessible throughout the month.  They are for whomever chooses to receive them.
  • There is a comments section where you can ask questions and share your experiences with each other.

Earth psychopomp audio sessions are available.

  • These are power-filled New Moon and/ or Full Moon Earth psychopomp sessions.  They are shared to members interested in Mother Earth's healing abilities and the power of psychopomp.



We tune our sacred instruments and vibrate the cosmos for this Earth... it is time.

White Sell Membership - Yoga, movement and meditations

Regular new sessions and access to the full archive... you get to create your unique programme, one that supports you best to thrive and elevate.


"This is the place where, on a regular basis, we dedicate to this sacred vessel - your human instrument and its intimate relationship with Mother Earth. A place to elevate and manifest what is needed at this time.

Movement divinations and journeys, guided relaxations and meditations ... a re-learning of what it is to be in a human body - fluid, connected, generating healing, and living in this highly tuned vessel.

Choose more active and physical shamanic yoga sessions or gentle restorative movements.  Include guided seated meditations, to complete relaxation and healing experiences.  This is the place where you get to study and receive healing and guidance from me on a regular basis.

I am here to support you for this new and ancient Earth.

Kimba Bridgeman, Director of Shaman College, Founder of White Shell Yoga


Your breath and body awareness are the portals through which connection, compassion and love can flow to the Earth and all beings...

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Earth Prayers

These are guided seated meditations where we work with breath and body awareness to tune-up our energetic fields and be the light and healing for Earth and all beings.

Each week I invite you to a new Earth Prayers- guided meditation.

Live on Zoom Monday mornings at 10.30am (London time). Once a month, these are also shared to our greater community- through live social media.

Your body is a living crystal- receiving, generating and emitting energy and light... you have a vessel for healing yourself and others.

Living Crystal

Gentle Movement, Breathwork, and Relaxation Sessions

These sessions are for all movement levels and experience and are incredibly healing for the body.

First we work with gentle movements that allow your body to balance. Each session is unique and your physical awareness and ability grows with practice.

The seated meditations and breathing access the light body through the movement of the physical body and the flow of the fluid body. We heighten the self-healing, regenerating and flowing energetic fields of our living system as they flow through the chakras.

Following this work with your body and breathwork, you get to lie down as I guide you through a relaxation and healing rest.

New sessions are added every month.

Access to these will be in the membership library.

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Each White Shell yoga session is a movement journey revealing your potentials and honouring your presence here at this time. You will be inspired, pushed and supported.

White Shell Yoga

White Shell Yoga is a shamanic form of kriya yoga.  It has only 3 years been here. The 2 primary foundations of this yoga are that we are here to remember our sacred vessels as carriers of wisdom - gifts for this lifetime and to honour and align our life-force with Mother Earth. 

The kriyas have been given from the ancient wisdom keepers and shared with us for this time here on Earth.  Each session takes you through a movement journey - where the movements tell a story and share with you aspects of your potential.

These sessions are open to all levels, however if you are healing from injuries or working at a lower energy level - you will want to meditate and take it easy through the more challenging movements.

Each week, I share a new White Shell Yoga class.

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FREE Membership


  • Monthly Zoom Meetings
  • Group Healing Session Audios
  • Earth Psychopomp session recordings
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  • Access to full archive of over 100 videos
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  • New monthly yoga and meditation videos
  • Access to full archive of over 100 videos

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