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Healing Transmission

May 26, 2024
Shaman College
Healing Transmission

I welcome you to join me in my personal morning contemplation session.

May my musings serve you - whether you are a practitioner, a student or a client... I feel there is something here for you! 

Some of the topics I explore:

What is it that happens in the presence of a shaman?  What happens when they see you through the awareness of wholeness?

How do they access this wisdom?  How do they "do" it?

How can different shamans speak different languages, use different healing tools, receive different information... and still the healing works?


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Is it all in the Mind?

May 12, 2024

There is a question that arises very frequently when people begin to journey and communicate with the spirits.

They ask, "Is it all in the mind?" or put another way...  "Am I just imagining this?"

To answer these questions... you have to look at two other larger questions, "What is real?"  and "What is the mind?"

These questions lead us into an inquiry of the ages and a path that shamanism walks.

Can it be that the answer is both yes and no?  Can it be that reality is perceived through the mind, the body, and the heart?  Can it be that you are connected to everything... the "I AM", and yet at times working with the illusion of separation?

In this video, I ask some of these questions and I explore the gifts of the illusion of separation and how we may be able to discern what is coming through.

Please join me!

Many blessings to all,


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Ethics as a Doorway

Apr 24, 2024

Here I highlight our 5th video in the latest series, The Ground We Stand On.

(For the entire series, click here.)

In this series we look at the spiritual warrior that is required for this work.  I say this is required but I am conscious that it develops with study and practice. This warrior has seen both light and shadow, discovered the strength of the ground, and the loving power of their discerning heart.  They have a navigation skill through the journeys and travels with the spirits.

In this final video, we look at ethics, boundaries and permissions.  These are skills.  I cannot say that they are 'simple' skills... and yet they do get overlooked by many.

None of us practice shamanism in a vacuum.  Even if we only work in isolation, there is not such a thing! 

Our actions, thoughts and words impact the world around us, affecting the energetics and the healing. Shamanism is a study and practice of connection, communication, sharing, giving,...

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Travel and Journey

Apr 13, 2024

In this video, I look at what it is to "journey well".  By this I mean clear journeys and ones that receive healing information (divination) and healing energetics or transmission (application and results).

You have to get very clear.  You have to be able to step out of your belief systems to such a degree that you do not get in the way of what is needed.  All at the same time, you are monitoring safety for yourself and others.

This is possible!  Yet, it requires an understanding of light and shadow within yourself, a ground, and a connection to the heart centre. (I speak about these aspects in the first videos of this series. Click here to watch them.)

While the shamanic journeys are beautiful, colorful and filled with information and insights, they are not escapes from this world.  And they too, can be filled with many challenges.  Ultimately, the journeys are travels within this reality... only they present perspectives that are often not...

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Discernment and the Sacred Heart

Apr 08, 2024

We continue with the series of Shaman College videos, " The Ground We Stand On".  If you haven't started the series, I recommend that you start with the first video and work your way through them.

For the complete series, click here.

I created this series to look in detail at spiritual healing and the shamanic practitioner who has honed their skills to that of a spiritual warrior.

All of this in hope that something here resonates with you, inspires you to continue, and finds you weaving your gifts together.

This week, I would like to highlight the importance of the Sacred Heart and its gifts of navigation and discernment.  Having discovered both your light and your shadows, developed a ground that opens your perception, you naturally have come into your sacred heartspace.

In this video, I invite you to become curious about this heartspace... what is here?

Why do I call the Sacred Heart the place of discernment?  And how can we navigate from here?  How can we...

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A Ground that Opens

Mar 25, 2024

(If you would like to watch part 1 and 2 if this video series, click here.)

Here we are in the 3rd video of this series, "The Ground We Stand On".  I share with you the specific understanding of grounding that comes into our shamanic world view.  I will never forget that my teacher, Steve Serr said that the shaman is the most grounded person you will meet.This resonated in my heart.  I could feel it in my bones.

Sure, we fly, we speak to spirits, we travel worlds, and we see things very differently than most people walking around today in our daily life.  Yet, the ground is essential.  And we do not take this for granted.  It is the ground itself that allows us to do what we do.

What I describe here may not make sense to most people.  It is one of those divine paradoxes that makes sense only at the heart level.  But once you get-it at the heart, the conceptual space also opens.  This is the ground that opens us, and clears through the...

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Light and Shadows

Mar 16, 2024

This video is part 2 in our 6-part video series, The Ground We Stand On If you would like to watch part 1, Shamanism and the Spiritual Warrior, click here.

Shamanism works with the light and acknowledges the shadows.  You are the light of your soul.  Yet, darkness or shadow can arise bringing its challenges and trickery.  As you know, shadows often appear bigger than they are... and when they are "your" shadows, close and intimate, they can appear enormous.  As you gain experience and skill, you are able to discern their illusions and not so easily be thrown off course.

As you develop your discernment and navigation abilities, you also get acquainted with your light.  Many times people are actually shying away from their own light.  Light itself is strong, pure, and beautiful... and when you get more accustomed to being with your own light, you strengthen.

With experience and assistance, you become skilled at navigating many planes of existance...

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The Spiritual Warrior

Mar 08, 2024

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

I hope this finds you all really well... what a world we are living in.

My family and I continue to build out this dream we had many years ago... and it is coming soon.  Our farm and sanctuary is taking shape and very soon I will be able to invite people to come and take part in these beautiful healing practices that I know as shamanism.

I just recorded a NEW welcome message for Shaman College.  And I found myself going deeply into the vision of a Spiritual Warrior.  You know... the shaman, the shamanic practitioner and all of those who delve deeply into shamanic practice become spiritual warriors in one way or another.

More than ever, we need these ones.  We need you here.

Please join me in this video.

Sending blessings out to you,

As always, please keep in touch!


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Join Me for a New Year Blessing

Jan 03, 2024

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

May you receive New Year blessings.  I feel them flowing forth to you.  Thank you so much for being here and connecting to this college.

The morning of the first day of this year, I found myself going into a prayer for you, and for all beings.  I welcome you to sit with me at my morning spot.

This is a prayer that is interactive, you can join me through the contemplations and through the hand mudras/ positions.

Our hands carry expressive energy - that is projective or outwards and also active inwards through our energetic physiology creating a powerful circuit with our heart and our brain.

May this year be one that witnesses your heart, your light and your peace.

Please reach out any time...


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The Connecting Place

Dec 16, 2023

I know it has been a while since I have sent out an email to you all.  I have had quite a tech issue... and it is actually continuing, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as they say!

I laugh a little bit because I do have a part of me that enjoys no-tech, that is for sure. But, alas we are an online college.

This brings me to one of my intentions for this coming year, I look forward to meeting with more of you - and more often.  I am considering ideas for group online gatherings and classes, regular Q&A and some group healing sessions.

Also, our farm and sanctuary in Belize will soon have a regular social media place where I can welcome you as I walk this path and experience the spirits' messages and blessings.

For today, I share with you a video - with an invitation for contemplation and sitting in presence together.

I do hope it finds you, and that it serves you in a deep and beautiful way.

I hope it fills you up, and allows you that space to enjoy your...

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