Is it all in the Mind?

shamanic practice May 12, 2024

There is a question that arises very frequently when people begin to journey and communicate with the spirits.

They ask, "Is it all in the mind?" or put another way...  "Am I just imagining this?"

To answer these questions... you have to look at two other larger questions, "What is real?"  and "What is the mind?"

These questions lead us into an inquiry of the ages and a path that shamanism walks.

Can it be that the answer is both yes and no?  Can it be that reality is perceived through the mind, the body, and the heart?  Can it be that you are connected to everything... the "I AM", and yet at times working with the illusion of separation?

In this video, I ask some of these questions and I explore the gifts of the illusion of separation and how we may be able to discern what is coming through.

Please join me!

Many blessings to all,



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