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At Shaman College we work as a team....to offer you many perspectives and insights into this sacred practice.

The Ground We Stand On - 6 part Video Series


With a real knowing of light and shadows, a ground to be, and a heart to lead... you develop the ability to navigate and discern both the seen and unseen aspects of this universe.


Welcome to Shaman College

Video 1

  • Shamanism and the Spiritual Warrior
  • From Core Shamanism to Your Shamanism
  • Spiritual Healing

Light and Shadow

Video 2

  • Shamanism cannot ignore the shadows - initiations are revealed
  • You are the light of your soul


Video 3

  • This practice exists here in this life
  • When you are grounded your senses awaken and open

Sacred Heart

Video 4

  • Your heart carries the pulse of divine love.
  • Your navigation ability develops - discernment heightens.

Travel and Journey

Video 5

  • Shamanism is the Bridge that unites the worlds
  •  A living liberation, not an escape but rather an assistance to be here and now

Ethics as a Doorway

Video 6

  • Permissions and Boundaries are sacred
  • Does the practice empower others?

Kimba Bridgeman, Director of Shaman College and Teacher

The deepest teachings of shamanism are to be the Hollow Bone...to the Hollow One the heart of the Universe is a living truth. Through this vessel - Spirit moves- our true Self crystal clear, in gratitude for Life.

Hello, my name is Kimba.  As the Director of Shaman College, I am humbled and grateful for holding this light. I am here to support and to continue the "heart - vision" of our teachers, founder and our students and to provide an excellence in shamanic studies accessible to so many across our beautiful planet.

Deborah Miller, Teacher

My own journey helped me to embrace this beautiful gift we all have access to. We have forgotten the ancestral wisdom that resides in each of us, and it is through this work that we begin to remember and become whole again. I have made it my life’s purpose to help people reclaim this ancient wisdom and restore themselves and the earth to wholeness. I hold ethics; protocol; honest intention for the highest good, and sincere communication with the compassionate spirits at the highest of standards. My goal is to teach these skills to a much broader range of people in the hopes of carrying on the healing ways of Shamanism.

It is my intention to inspire students to learn as much about themselves so they can "Be the Change". The change will reconnect them to their ancestral heritage of spiritual wisdom. Once students are knowledgeable about themselves, they can move forward to pass the traditions on to others.

Daniel Raccani, Teacher

The ancient path of Shamanism is the thread of interconnectedness that links us all through the web of life and is also the thread that can return all the pieces of us back to where they belong: To us.

This intense training which is Shaman College, is the jigsaw puzzle that brings together all the pieces of ourselves to complete our own individual puzzle;  all the lost, suppressed and fragmented bits for a complete return to wholeness.

R. T. Spano, Teacher

Shamanism has been an inspiring path for me, yet, although it is new on some level, on another it brings a sense of belonging that goes beyond the ordinary and the familiar. When I practice shamanism, I feel home as I remember and integrate ways that allow me to experience life with conscious awareness, meaning and purpose.

What I like about shamanism is the potential it holds to reveal a deeper and more valuable understanding of life itself, and the way we are all connected to a greater universal force that like an invisible thread connects everything, everywhere.

Like the many facets of the same diamond, shamanism brings us to experience different aspects of ourselves, so that we are given a chance to experience wholeness and become once more part of the eternal cycles of life, and perhaps, beyond even that.

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