Safety and Ethics in Shamanism

At Shaman College we have a clear and grounded view of safety and ethics....


Teaching and guiding humanity in the ancient art of shamanism for these contemporary times,

safely and with tried and true protocols,

with the aim of reconnecting to our innate wholeness

while remembering a sacred relationship

with the Earth


Shaman College LTD (formally Shamanism 101) is a global educational institution that provides personal guidance in ancient and contemporary shamanic wisdom. It is the mission of the school to provide as widely and as fairly as possible the best practices through which each student can experience this wisdom, and be guided back to wholeness and to the recovery of our sacred relationship with the Earth.


Guidelines of Shaman College Ltd

Shaman College LTD is strictly an educational institution. Although the Shaman College teachers are administering, teaching and mentoring precisely because they are practiced and capable shamanic practitioners, shamanic practice on the behalf of others can never be done under the auspices of Shaman College LTD, whether this be for its students or for anyone outside of the school. This solely educational role has been instituted to maintain the school’s clear, simple and professional role of teaching.

If you are a client of one of the teachers, you must always contact them and arrange your sessions through their own professional businesses.  This is completely separate from the educational work done at Shaman College.

The following guidelines, established and agreed to by all administrative and instructing staff of Shaman College, LTD embody the principles that direct the personal and professional actions of all staff when serving in their contracted role with this school.

All of our students must be at least 18 years of age to apply to any of our courses.

At All Times

Shaman College LTD administrators and instructors strive to work harmoniously with students and with staff, treating others with respect and compassion while maintaining personal integrity and strong working ethics.

Furthermore, through our curriculum and behavior, we demonstrate to our students and to each other an experienced, thoughtful, educated and heart-based professional shamanic practice in order to pass this to our students and through them, to the rest of the world.


Shaman College LTD has done its best to gather and provide an efficient and accessible curriculum of information, experiences and encouragement to students so that they have the basis on which to become ethical, knowledgeable, practiced and capable shamanic practitioners. To the best of our knowledge, our curriculum is true to the essence of global shamanic practices, yet is also tempered and developed by contemporary knowledge and awareness.  We also honour that our programme is unique and is a living school in that each teacher and student are seen as individuals coming together with a shared intention.


Shaman College LTD will make every effort to insure that the information and experiences we pass forward and suggest to our students are spiritually and physically safe. Shaman College LTD's  teachers will also recommend to their students that they seek medical or psychological care if a student reports thoughts or behavior that indicates such care might be beneficial.

We take your training seriously, and reserve the right to not continue to teach you or sign off on your training if you:

- do not follow training protocols
- alter techniques
- act unethically
- neglect safety measures in areas that we feel are important as a professional practitioner

- refuse to do some of the material we think imperative to master
- neglect the student- mentor relationship

Upon studying with us, the Student testifies that he or she does not have any physical, mental, emotional or other conditions that will preclude them from safely and without negative effects participating as a Student in courses with Shaman College LTD. In the circumstance that these should surface for any reason during their education and training with us, the Student agrees to immediately obtain professional help and following this, inform their Instructor, and withdraw from our programmes. 


The use of entheogens/ or psychotropic plants, medicines or drugs is not a part of the Shaman College LTD educational program. It is our experience that people naturally possess an innate ability to achieve a powerful shamanic state of consciousness without the use of psychotropic or hallucinogenic drugs. It is also our experience that a shamanic practitioner is most empowered and capable of their best work when they have a clear mind, are emotionally and physically grounded in their heart and body, and in all ways are most able to directly and fully experience the shamanic practices that we pass forward. Because of these things, our students agree that when they are Shaman College LTD students, they refrain from using entheogens while learning and practicing the class exercises that we offer.


Instructors guide students to discover the shamanic goal of wholeness and healing for themselves, for the wellness of humanity, for the Earth, and beyond.

Students are supported and validated by their instructors and administrative staff in a knowledgeable, professional and courteous manner as they learn to safely navigate the shamanic worlds.

Students have the choice of participating in shamanic initiations and other healing strategies in the curriculum. These serve a specific purpose, which is to advance the student’s spiritual growth and practitioner development.

When a student refuses participation in one area of the curriculum or another, their instructor will assess their education on a case-by-case basis to determine if the student has confidently completed sufficient course awareness, knowledge and skills to be able to obtain certification for that course.

Instructors maintain a close yet professional teaching relationship with each student in order to assist and encourage their personal and professional growth.

Honor and Respect

Shamanism 101, LLC staff model and convey respect, honor and dignity to their students, to other school staff, to their spirit helpers, to the planet and to the sacred shamanic work.

Professional Boundaries

Shaman College LTD instructors and the administrative staff respect and maintain clear and professional ethical boundaries between themselves and the Shaman College LTD students.

A current staff member of Shaman College LTD cannot serve as a shamanic practitioner for their own currently enrolled student. Secondly, this restriction will continue for a period of three months after the student has graduated. These limitations are due to complications that can arise in human services when a helping professional role is held simultaneously with other roles. In the same manner, business dealings or close personal relationships during these times, including sexual relations between staff and students, are scrupulously avoided.

A teacher/ mentor of Shaman College LTD cannot serve in any additional healing roles with a student. The Instructor is not a Therapist or Counsellor and will not provide the Student with any personal life coaching during this course. At Shaman College LTD, an Instructor’s engagement with students is solely within the scope of academic teaching/mentoring shamanic skills, awareness, and practices. 

Shaman College LTD refers its students who request shamanic healing work during these restricted times to shamanic practitioners who hold a certificate, liability insurance and a professional practice.  We have a listing of graduate referrals on our site.

For the same reasons as above, Shaman College LTD instructors and administration cannot accept money in any amount from an enrolled student beyond that which is the normal and stated tuition paid through the business office. The same is true of gifts, tithes and donations of items of value. This is instituted to help separate any potential personal interests from the dedicated integrity of the school to pass forward a quality education in shamanism.


Tuition and Staff Compensation

Shaman College LTD maintains a fair and appropriate balance between the cost of student tuition and the monetary compensation for staff, so that students throughout the world have an affordable access to these studies while Shaman College LTD instructors and administrators can be fairly paid.


The confidentiality of each student’s identity is maintained within the Shaman College LTD administration and instructing staff for peer consultation regarding student safety, well-being, or best training and education unless:

1) It is believed that a student intends harm to him/herself or another. In such a case, the student’s identity would be provided to only the appropriately licensed or responsible health or welfare providers.

2) The student has provided written consent to release their identity to others.


So that current and potential Shaman College LTD students can make informed decisions, Shaman College LTD maintains openness and clarity regarding the school curriculum, tuition costs, course subject matters and instructor education and training.

Maintaining Highest Standards

The teachers and administrators of Shaman College LTD are committed to continuing their own spiritual growth and shamanic understanding, while keeping their own personhood and life in balance.

Shaman College LTD staff regularly participates in peer professional consultations and educational opportunities both within and outside of the school, to maintain high standards of service to their students and to their community.


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