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Graduate Interviews: Wise Mama Shaman

Sep 04, 2019

In this meeting with Nshimta, we get into a wide range of topics from the power in journeying with a drum to the art of psychopomp and its importance here.

It is always a joy to meet up with our graduates and hear about their work.  They are all inspiring beings. One of the things that stands out to me... across all of our teachers and practitioners, is the realness.  You know, when that ego is set aside and the real, true vibration flows from a place of gratitude and honouring for this beautiful place that we all share.

When I met with Nshimta, I got that feeling I was with a healer and wisdom keeper from many traditions.  She brings in her vast experience in bodywork, chiropractics, nutrition, Chinese medicine and more into a spiritual and full view of our life here. An experienced healer from many paths, Nshimta is a blessing to be with.

I believe this interview is 'just' a meeting and sampling of the wisdom that Nshimta has to offer us all.  I personally...

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Many Facets of Shamanism for Self-Healing

Aug 28, 2019

Sharing here some key aspects of how shamanic spiritual healing is needed here today for our far-too-often scattered lives.  With our health and well-being separated into categories, we can really use that interconnected web of spiritual healing that weaves us back together.

Shamanism for Self-healing is our foundation course and is open to everyone who is called to these nature ways, these ancient ways for today!  This course is written by Dr. Steve Serr and based on his work, Recovering Myself.  Each student works with a personal mentor who is both a shamanic practitioner and a trained teacher of the shamanic arts.

We have spaces available for our September 15, 2019 class.


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Prayer and Meditation for the Amazon

Aug 23, 2019

This is an invitation to join in a group consciousness practice of blessings and prayers for the Amazon.

One of the gifts of our deep, self-practice is that we open up to the potential and power that we each have. This allows us as individuals, to let our hearts and our awareness to expand beyond the boundaries of what we call 'me'.

And of course as a collective, our blessings resound.

If you feel drawn to this, please join me.  If not... find your own words and your own images.  The important message, is to let this healing potential within you to flow.

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Summer Solstice Blessings and Meditation

Jun 22, 2019

Sending out many blessings, and peace for this Solstice time.

This is a time for pause...

A time to BE...

To honour what is here.

When we set the 'tools' aside and celebrate this time here.

It is in this stillness, in this pause, that we meet.


In 2 days, on Monday 24th June, our Summer course, Your Spirit Allies begins.  It is 7 weeks of welcoming the assistance, support and beauty that is all around us... to our hearts.

There are spaces available, if you are drawn to this!

with gratitude,


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Graduate Interviews: Freeing the Child Within Us

Jun 13, 2019

Graduate Interviews: Freeing the Child Within Us

I wasn't quite sure what to title this interview, because Jim Kunkel and I actually explore and share quite a range of topics.

This is what happens in our work... the inter-relationships and the dance of the realms, the spirits and the possibilities reveal again and again the beauty and the infinity of our lives and of healing.

I am so happy that Jim and I were able to meet and record this for you.  And it is my deepest wish that you are inspired and feel welcomed into this rich diversity of shamanic practitioners and beautiful people that are walking this path.

If you would like to be in touch with Jim, you are invited to send an email and reach -out.  He offers healing sessions in person and distance sessions too.

Jim's email is:

[email protected]

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Graduate Interviews: Animals and Shamanic Healing

May 09, 2019

Graduate Interviews: Animals and Shamanic Healing

In this interview Kimba meets with Sarah Woodard, a shamanic practitioner, author and animal healer. Sarah shares with us how she came to work with animals and how shamanism as well as Reiki and animal communication blends together in her assistance with our animal friends.

Kimba and Sarah get into discussions around safety in shamanic practice, important considerations when working with animals, the power that shamanic practice offers animal healing, communicating from the heart, and curiosities around what it is to be a 'human animal'.

If you would like to get in touch with Sarah and ask any questions about her work and perhaps even learn more about her approach to animal healing, please be in touch with her.

Here are Sarah's contact details!

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Graduate Interviews: Movement as Medicine

May 02, 2019

Graduate Interviews: Movement as Medicine

In our Graduate Interview Series, we get to hear and be inspired by the beautiful and gifted shamanic practitioners that are in our Shaman College community.  Shamanism comes through each one uniquely and there is so much to learn and to be uplifted by, when we open up to this beautiful healing and wisdom coming through.

In this interview, Kimba meets with Jake Stainback who is a professional artist and dancer as well as a shamanic practitioner.  They get into discussions about movement as healing, movement in shamanism, how spirit moves us, the importance of bodily awareness and your 'feeling' senses, as well as perspectives on performance and shamanic healing in community.

If you are interested in getting in touch with Jake,  he invites to contact him through email at [email protected].

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You Are Here For This

Apr 18, 2019

You Are Here For This

the Healing Power in Your Announcements

This is a simple teaching but something that can get overlooked in one's own healing and when offering healing to another.

It is the announcement that the individual makes to the Spirits and to Nature... that they are here for this healing.

When you stand and face the directions, when you call out to Mother Earth and Father Sky, to the Moon and the Stars, to the Trees, you stand in honesty, in truth because they require that of you.  An announcement of this kind is received.  It is heard and it sets in motion the alignment of the energies and the communications that are required for transformation.

Try it!

The next time you are seeking healing, transforming, growth, or guidance.  First go to someplace in Nature.  Go to a Tree or to a Spring and announce to them that you are here for _______ (fill in the blank).

Maybe you are here to release the pieces that are holding you back.  Or to receive the...

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Living the Sacred Path

Mar 30, 2019

Living the Sacred Path

Your own healing, your own being in your True Self and finding your inherent balance with Nature and Spirit is with you, this potential is built into who and what you are.

We have found that some of our students are drawn to shamanism because they want to become a practitioner or a "shaman" and offer these ways of healing to others.  And yet, other students want to take this depth of study and practice for their personal healing and expression in their lives.  So we have created an in-depth course for self-practice that parallels the Shamanic Practitioner training with its initiations, close mentorship, and expanded rituals.  It is called, Living the Sacred Path.

As we set to create this course, the Spirits, creative  energy itself and our hearts' alignment... began to realise a programme that assists individuals to step by step immerse into a shamanism that becomes merged and honoured within one's daily and weekly consciousness.  We...

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Safety, Infinity and Gratitude

Mar 22, 2019

Safety, Infinity and Gratitude

As we come into a place together of remembering our human capacity and our infinite connections and relationships with Nature and the Spirits, we are asked to more and more open to what is beyond the so-called 'normal' conditioning.

Shamanic healing allows us to release these conditioned and acquired beliefs that ultimately hold us back into patterns of separation, fear and really a constrained belief in what is possible.  And of course, this has a direct impact on our personal health and happiness - which mirrors into the world around us.

Whatever a person may find themselves doing- in their work, communities, and families- their abilities and impact expand and heal all of us when they are able to be in their fullest self, their true self.  They see beyond the mundane, they see connections where many have forgotten them. They are remembering something that is innately who we are.  We are connected and we have capacities for great...

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