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Psychopomp Update, Healing Formulas and Lessons from Souls

Apr 08, 2021


This update is quite packed full!  Firstly, I want to introduce and remind us all about the multiplicity and sacred geometrics of healing.  While the western, culturally accepted model of medicine and healthcare is specialised and treatment based on one 'issue'... we know from shamanism and from other models of healing that the terrain, or the wholeness of a person in relationship to many factors is what is really here. Wholeness is calling us to see it.

In an ideal medical model, you would work with your medical specialist when needed but you would also be working with someone that sees you as a whole body-mind-spirit in relationship with the wholeness of the Universe. Your 'treatment' would incorporate this view.  And ultimately, your life would be your treatment.

Fragmentation has come to surface in many of our lives over the last year.  The 'distancing' taken into many different areas.  And yet, the shamanism keeps calling us home to the beauty,...

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Psychopomp Update - March 13, 2021

Apr 07, 2021

This is an update from March 13th New Moon Psychopomp session.

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Episode 3: What is it to BE human?

Apr 05, 2021

In shamanism we are often merging with spirits, with nature and learning from them.  We are recovering aspects of our potential and powers through work with animal, plant, tree and teacher spirits.

However... what about the human?  What is it like to be a human?  What powers and potentials are here? Have you ever met a realised human?

This episode of Lightbody Activation and Your Super Nature is a guided inquiry and exploration into our primary identity.

May it be a place that you can leap from, and fly with the freedom of your light.

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Episode 2: Resonance and Living Water

Mar 31, 2021

In this 2nd episode of Light Body Activation and Your Super Nature, we look at our power of resonance.  This is one of our sensitivities that has been buried by our culture and upbringing, but it is something you will know deep in your bones.

We also look at water... this living water that our physical bodies are made of.

In this series, we are shifting how we come to know ourselves.  We are reclaiming so much of our human identity that has been buried through time.

For more information on structured water and the 4th phase of water, please visit

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Intentions for Spirit Allies Course

Mar 26, 2021

Click Here for Spirit Allies Course Info

These little ones called me over... they were whispering the coming of our Spirit Allies Course that begins next week with the Plant Allies.

The plants teach us about light, abundance and friendship.  They help us to open our senses and freely open to compassionate guidance.

I also had a vision for this upcoming course... a group coming together and allowing the allies to help us in our own individual intentions for this new season...

... so I recorded this video for you.

I look forward to spending the next 7 weeks with some of you!

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Earth Prayers - Eternal Life Force

Mar 23, 2021

There is an eternal life force that flows through the Universe ... and reveals itself in form after form after form.

Join Kimba in this guided meditation from our weekly Earth Prayers that are shared in the White Shell membership.

Sending love and peace out to all beings.

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Light Body Activation and Your Super Nature Episode 1

Mar 17, 2021

(We also have a podcast, if you would prefer to listen offline, please find Shaman College at your favourite podcast provider.)

Our first in this new series, Light Body Activation and Your Super Nature. 

This is a time of great change on the Earth and increasing numbers of people feel that they have access to something far greater than what has been ‘fed’ to them. If we are going to break through the belief structures that have held us in place, we must tap into our powers as humans.  Just like changing any habituated viewpoint or action, it can take dedication and bring up some challenges.

One of the primary beliefs that we address in this series is a big one - what does it mean to be human? Each podcast is both a lesson that comes in through the mind as well as a healing transmission in itself reaching to your heart and soul.

In this introductory podcast, Kimba invites you to begin to see yourself and identify with your light body.  As you do this,...

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Call To Psychopomps - Update March 1, 2021

Mar 02, 2021

In January, I sent out a blog and video, "Call to Psychopomps".  And thankfully some of our advanced practitioners responded! We have a small but powerful group doing this work and adding to the collective of healing for Mother Earth and all life here.

I feel that some of you may like to receive updates about how these healing offerings are going.  So I have recorded an update for you.  I will continue to update you as we move forward into the Spring.

As well as sharing my latest experience, I encourage everyone to keep up their personal and regular practices of nourishing the light within.

This light and love within you is so powerful!  And it flows out from you into your life and into the whole world.

One of the things I point out in this video... if you are finding yourself pulled into the emotions of fear or hate, please seek assistance from someone.  There are many skilled and beautiful practitioners in this world that you can work with.  These are...

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Butterfly Teachings

Feb 18, 2021

Every week, I ask the Ancestors and Spirits, "What do you want us to know?  To embody at this time? How can we be here in service to Mother Earth? What can we find out about our sacred vessel and it's capacities?"

These questions from the heart open the doorway to receiving a movement journey in the form of a shamanic yoga kriya.  The collection of this work is called White Shell Yoga.

Last week, Butterfly came to share her wisdom.

Your form carries the creative energy of the Universe. It is unfolding for you and with you.  You can have a dynamic relationship with this creative light.  Your old moulds and prescribed ways may have to melt away.  Yet, your body itself will allow you to express the light you are. There are colours here that you have always imagined.

She was especially assisting us in our unfolding of these wings.  Butterfly understands 'form' in a very different way than we do for she has undergone metamorphosis.

In this week's blog video,...

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Merge Into the Love You Are - Earth Prayers

Feb 10, 2021

This week's Earth Prayers meditation assists us in merging with the LOVE that we are.

In these guided meditations we work with the sacred anatomy of our bodies.  These bodies are light... they are water, earth, and set in motion with the air we breathe.

The human body has become the foundational identity of people. When you think of someone, you picture their name and their form.  This is the same for yourself - you picture your name and your form.  Of course, we all intuitively know that we are much more than that!

However, even in this foundation identity... there is more than we have been taught.  The more science discovers, the more they realise it is vastly incomplete.

What is the human body?  What powers and potential does it have? Why have we been given this human form?  Are we more 'super-human' than the textbooks and cultural norms have told us?

What would happen if you referenced yourself in a whole new way?

As we move forward into this year,...

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