October New Moon Psychopomp Update

psychopomp update Oct 11, 2021

After a couple of months 'break' from these regular psychopomp sessions, I have returned (and it is really good to be back).

I share this knowing that there is something here for you.  Whether it be inspiration for your own practice, guidance for these times, or maybe there are similarities in the messages that you are receiving... if so, this may be confirmation for you?

In this new moon psychopomp session, there was a rising of the Great Tree of the Mother.  As she lifted up the Divine Feminine and showed how the light moves through the eyes and hearts of the Divine Masculine again.

And the question I pass along to you...how is Mother Earth and the spirits of nature rising within you? How is the healing light of the Universe moving through you?

Everyday, you can invite this inquiry.  Some days the energetics and the impact may feel immense, while other days may seem small or insignificant.

Some days may seem mundane... it is because you have the mundane glasses on.  The world of illusions fill our time and take our focus away from the magic and the mystery.  Lulling us with confusion and and complications, we can so easily turn from the simple truth.

One of the beauties of opening your shamanic consciousness, is that you start to see the beauty and unending 'complexity' of the most simple of things - a flower, a smile, a 'chance' encounter, the light rain, the call of a bird.  And once you engage at this level... healing happens.

If you are craving to 'heal' or to be of service... meet others from this place.  Be the light that you know exists in this world.  Go straight to the heart and the light of meeting someone.  This is the rising of the Great Tree.

with love,




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