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Psychopomp Update/ Calling on Light/ Earth Gifts

Feb 27, 2022

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

This video sharing carries many messages and pieces from the last full moon psychopomp for the Earth.  It also continues the guidance and real time example and application of the power in Calling the Directions, and points to the importance of a deep embodiment of our practices.

(Click Here for the last Calling Directions Guidance Video.)

These are shifting times on the Earth...  these are times when so many people are experiencing a lift in consciousness and awakening.

No one said it would be easy, and if shamanic healing has taught us anything, it is that sometimes we have to go through cleansing, extractions, clearing binds, unwinding, compassionate wound healing, and really feeling and being present with what is here.

The beauty is that we have guidance, we have spirit helpers and teachers, angels and friends.  We just have to get quiet enough and clear enough to perceive this.

As always, please reach out to us if you need...

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October New Moon Psychopomp Update

Oct 11, 2021

After a couple of months 'break' from these regular psychopomp sessions, I have returned (and it is really good to be back).

I share this knowing that there is something here for you.  Whether it be inspiration for your own practice, guidance for these times, or maybe there are similarities in the messages that you are receiving... if so, this may be confirmation for you?

In this new moon psychopomp session, there was a rising of the Great Tree of the Mother.  As she lifted up the Divine Feminine and showed how the light moves through the eyes and hearts of the Divine Masculine again.

And the question I pass along to is Mother Earth and the spirits of nature rising within you? How is the healing light of the Universe moving through you?

Everyday, you can invite this inquiry.  Some days the energetics and the impact may feel immense, while other days may seem small or insignificant.

Some days may seem mundane... it is because you have the mundane glasses...

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Full Moon - Eclipse Psychopomp and Messages

May 26, 2021

This Full Moon and eclipse  (May 26, 2021) comes with many messages...

Healings are in multiple dimensions, love moves through them all. These psychopomps offer assistance to the Earth, to the souls, but also teach me which allows me to share with you... becoming messages for this time.  Please take them, work with them, let them become aspects for contemplation and reflection.

Let your own heart blossom with the sweet rains of this life.

May the illusions, maya and stories wash off of you.

Just as the Earth shared, she is "in your bones".

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New Moon Update - Psychopomp and Soul Retrieval

May 18, 2021

This video is a review of the latest New Moon Psychopomp session on May 11, 2021 which also required Soul Retrievals for the planet and humanity.

I have been doing these specific healing sessions for the Earth and the souls in need at this time through the portals of the new and the full moon phases.

Each and every time I do a shamanic healing session, I am taught new information and skills but I am also pushed… this work pushes us.  This is why we always move with permissions, with intention, protection and a clarity in our heart.  These advanced practices especially require experience and training - they are truly working with the dark and the light.

I share these healings with you, hoping that the information will inspire you and also perhaps give you pieces that will assist you in this life, and with your interactions with others.

As always, I call on other psychopomps to also work through these times.  We have a group at Shaman College and a place through...

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April New Moon Psychopomp Update - Ocean Power

Apr 24, 2021

Through the portals of the New and Full Moon, a small group of us at Shaman College each follow their guides to offer psychopomp and Earth assistance.

I continue to update you on my experiences and lessons revealed through this process. I hope to inspire you and perhaps pass along pieces of information that may serve you in the navigation of these times.

This last new moon in April 2021 was blessed by the power of Mother Ocean, as she revealed her immense healing beauty.  The spirits  continue to show us that the power in this place is sacred and truly unique in the Universe.

If you are drawn to contribute to the healing sessions during these portals... please include and send your prayers to the Earth and all beings, and know you are here with many.

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