Seers and Dreamers Needed!

shamanic healing Dec 13, 2021

Hello dear Shaman College Community,

Here is another teaching that comes from the mentorship... inspired by the students at Shaman College and their beautiful work.

Not everyone will 'get' this!  But that is OK... I know I am not speaking to everyone but to you who are here on this shamanic path in some way.  And I trust that the knowing in our bones will someday be widely understood and shared among our Descendants as this world is dreamed into a beautiful frequency of love and balance with Nature.

In shamanic healing, we are known as "seers"... we see healing into existence.  It is through the seeing and the dreaming that this physical expression of health and vibrancy is manifested and retuned.... yes, also returned!

Because of the potency and power of seeing, we must be aware of what we are reading in this world.  Are you reading what you see?  Or are you reading what you are being told?  We must be aware of what we are 'buying into', and how we are judging 'problems'.

With shamanic abilities, we can go straight to the so-called, problem.  We can open our senses there, ask and inquire.  Our spirit guides and teachers will assist us!  We may find that there is not the problem that has been advertised but instead another pathway to a more colourful expression.

This is a time that we are moving beyond the "dreamspell".  We are seeing through the veils.  And when we do this, we dream a new place.  We see a place that moves in a harmonics that we know in our bones and in our heart.

I hope this message reaches you at the perfect time,

many blessings to all,



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