Time to Hold the Sacred Space

announcement meditation Nov 01, 2021

Hello dear Shaman College community,

This message and guidance comes through the midpoint time between Equinox and Solstice, known and felt through generations across our beautiful Earth as a thin time of the veil between worlds. A time of both life and death - connected.  A time when some play with fear while others allow the masks to fall away.

Right now in our lives, we are all together transitioning through a big shift in consciousness... a level of awakening that is not kept to just a few, but is reaching people across the wholeness of Mother Earth.

In this video I speak about the physicality of healing and the converse physicality of fear . The physicality of healing comes with a deep easy breath, a flexible and malleable skeletal muscle, and a toned and grounded internal organ presence.  The heart itself - buoyant, steady, speaking and guiding the way.  While the physicality of fear actually promotes illness and closes us off to our deep knowing and intuition.

We explore our powers of sensitivity which opens us to empathy together with groundedness, strength, sight, and knowing of infinite connectivity.  Together, these abilities (and more) are our natural given powers, these are human and spiritual. 

As we are experiencing our strengths again, old patterns fall away.  This is the way in shamanic healing, isn't it? As our perceptions open, we no longer get fooled by the masks.  The maya, illusory world, the false stories on the stage cannot fool us as easily!

Finally, we look at our ability to hold sacred space for each other and the teachings from the Great Trees... which leads us into a guided group meditation.

With gratitude and love to all,



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