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The Spiritual Warrior

Mar 08, 2024

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

I hope this finds you all really well... what a world we are living in.

My family and I continue to build out this dream we had many years ago... and it is coming soon.  Our farm and sanctuary is taking shape and very soon I will be able to invite people to come and take part in these beautiful healing practices that I know as shamanism.

I just recorded a NEW welcome message for Shaman College.  And I found myself going deeply into the vision of a Spiritual Warrior.  You know... the shaman, the shamanic practitioner and all of those who delve deeply into shamanic practice become spiritual warriors in one way or another.

More than ever, we need these ones.  We need you here.

Please join me in this video.

Sending blessings out to you,

As always, please keep in touch!


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Time to Hold the Sacred Space

Nov 01, 2021

Hello dear Shaman College community,

This message and guidance comes through the midpoint time between Equinox and Solstice, known and felt through generations across our beautiful Earth as a thin time of the veil between worlds. A time of both life and death - connected.  A time when some play with fear while others allow the masks to fall away.

Right now in our lives, we are all together transitioning through a big shift in consciousness... a level of awakening that is not kept to just a few, but is reaching people across the wholeness of Mother Earth.

In this video I speak about the physicality of healing and the converse physicality of fear . The physicality of healing comes with a deep easy breath, a flexible and malleable skeletal muscle, and a toned and grounded internal organ presence.  The heart itself - buoyant, steady, speaking and guiding the way.  While the physicality of fear actually promotes illness and closes us off to our deep knowing and intuition.

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August Update - Deep Cleanse

Aug 03, 2021


It has been a while since I have done an update and reached out to you.

I hope this finds everyone balanced and flowing within these very unique times on Earth.  We need our navigational skills more than ever now.

One of the personal practices I have been doing almost everyday is a deep cleanse with meditation and connection with the spirits. I cannot recommend this enough. The plants and trees are here as medicine for us.  A cleanse is so much more than removal... beautifully, it is an invitation to our heart and soul.  The sacred smoke invites our higher abilities and shamanic consciousness forward.

I am now offering video calls for those who need to reach out, to be seen, heard and honoured...

I am here and I am available for video calls - whether you need guidance, connection or to sit together in this beautiful and shared space... I have appointment times open for 30 minute calls.

Click here for for information on video calls with Kimba.

Link for our...

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Immense Beauty and Gratitude

May 10, 2021

Sharing out to all of our community... gratitude and love.

You know, there are not that many of us that dive this deeply and this fully into shamanism.  And my heart goes out to you all.

The beauty that is moving through you, is immense.

Thank you with my whole heart,


Here is the link for our upcoming May 15th course,

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Intentions for Spirit Allies Course

Mar 26, 2021

Click Here for Spirit Allies Course Info

These little ones called me over... they were whispering the coming of our Spirit Allies Course that begins next week with the Plant Allies.

The plants teach us about light, abundance and friendship.  They help us to open our senses and freely open to compassionate guidance.

I also had a vision for this upcoming course... a group coming together and allowing the allies to help us in our own individual intentions for this new season...

... so I recorded this video for you.

I look forward to spending the next 7 weeks with some of you!

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Intro to Tidal Flows - Breathwork and Movement

Nov 30, 2020

In this video, I share with you some insights into the movement patterns in our bodies, that I call "Tidal Flows".  The foundational tidal flow is with your breath.

In the upcoming live Zoom workshop series, I will be teaching the anatomy, energetics and activations that occur with this breath.  I also help you to 'do' this!  To find it, feel it and know it within.  This is true 'embodiment'.... in-your-body.

2 Sundays- December 6th, 13th from 5pm-7.15pm UK time

Here are the links for more info and booking:


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A Time For Inner Growth

Mar 30, 2020

This is a message and recording from our Shaman College, live Facebook broadcast.

A call out to allow these current times to be an opportunity for inner growth.

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