White Shell Wisdom -Breathwork Series

Earth Connection and High Frequency Activation

2 part live workshops with Kimba

Part 1: Sunday December 6th 5pm-7.15pm (UK)

Part 2: Sunday December 13th 5pm-7.15pm (UK)



This workshop series connects you to the tidal breath in your body that unites us with the waters of the Earth. It energises the chakras, stimulates the kundalini, and activates the pineal gland for high frequency healing and visionary ability.


  • Learn and embody the anatomy of your tidal breath.  Our body carries the anatomy designed for the waters.  This is graceful and natural - your foundation breath to energetic balance.
  • Discover the Earth gate in your pelvis, the Cosmic gate through your cranium, the Sacral rhythm, and the other gates that exist between the chakras
  • Just like the trees, the flowers and all life our body is asymmetrical- this allows the unfolding of the kundalini energy as it winds through your system
  • Learn about the Pineal gland located in the 3rd eye area of your brain and its ability to assist us in regeneration, healing and receiving information at high frequencies - and even better than just learning about this, I will assist you to embody this knowledge.
  • Each session includes, movement and embodiment, theory and teaching, guided meditations and relaxation.  And time to ask questions and share what is happening with you,


This is a 2-part, live only workshop taught on Zoom.

Part 1: Sunday 6th December 5pm-7.15pm (UK)

Part 2: Sunday 13th December 5pm-7.15pm (UK)

£40 for both sessions.

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