The Spiritual Warrior

announcement Mar 08, 2024

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

I hope this finds you all really well... what a world we are living in.

My family and I continue to build out this dream we had many years ago... and it is coming soon.  Our farm and sanctuary is taking shape and very soon I will be able to invite people to come and take part in these beautiful healing practices that I know as shamanism.

I just recorded a NEW welcome message for Shaman College.  And I found myself going deeply into the vision of a Spiritual Warrior.  You know... the shaman, the shamanic practitioner and all of those who delve deeply into shamanic practice become spiritual warriors in one way or another.

More than ever, we need these ones.  We need you here.

Please join me in this video.

Sending blessings out to you,

As always, please keep in touch!



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