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Half Moon Sound Healing Session

Jun 03, 2021

This is a half moon sound healing session.  I am offering these and recording them when I can on the half moons. (Following the guidance of my own helpers and guides.)

This specifically goes out to you - those that know that the spiritual aspect of life is alive, beautiful, loving and here.  Shamanic practitioners, shamans, spiritual healers, guides and teachers of many different names have always been the ones to bridge the realms.

There are beings of light among us that are here for truth, freedom, liberty and love that we know and can see in our visions, dreams and divinations.  This work can be challenging at times, when we are 'seeing' that which many do not see.

The other beautiful ones that this healing is offered for - are those who will never hear this session. I send this out to those who are suffering the most challenging expressions of this human existence.  I know that the prayers and blessings of light, love and compassion reach you through the fine...

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Full Moon - Eclipse Psychopomp and Messages

May 26, 2021

This Full Moon and eclipse  (May 26, 2021) comes with many messages...

Healings are in multiple dimensions, love moves through them all. These psychopomps offer assistance to the Earth, to the souls, but also teach me which allows me to share with you... becoming messages for this time.  Please take them, work with them, let them become aspects for contemplation and reflection.

Let your own heart blossom with the sweet rains of this life.

May the illusions, maya and stories wash off of you.

Just as the Earth shared, she is "in your bones".

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Sound Healing and Blessings

May 21, 2021
Shaman College
Sound Healing and Blessings

This sound healing session works best with headphones.  Please prepare by getting yourself comfortable - blankets, pillows and perhaps an eye covering.  It is about 50 minutes long, but also allow some time following to rest and easily come back.

I will be playing a number of instruments including gongs, bowls, drums, rattles, and voice. Please let the sounds wash around you and through you.  Images or thoughts may arise, this is ok and natural, let them flow through you... just as they arise, they will go.

Through the new and full moon portals, I work with specific psychopomp healings for the Earth and the souls that need assistance in their freedom.

I have been told that the living ones also need assistance!  These sound healings go out to the living - reaching you who can listen to the audio and reaching those who may never hear these recordings.

I will record these through the 'half' moons. (They are called quarter moons,  but I call them half moons -...

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New Moon Update - Psychopomp and Soul Retrieval

May 18, 2021

This video is a review of the latest New Moon Psychopomp session on May 11, 2021 which also required Soul Retrievals for the planet and humanity.

I have been doing these specific healing sessions for the Earth and the souls in need at this time through the portals of the new and the full moon phases.

Each and every time I do a shamanic healing session, I am taught new information and skills but I am also pushed… this work pushes us.  This is why we always move with permissions, with intention, protection and a clarity in our heart.  These advanced practices especially require experience and training - they are truly working with the dark and the light.

I share these healings with you, hoping that the information will inspire you and also perhaps give you pieces that will assist you in this life, and with your interactions with others.

As always, I call on other psychopomps to also work through these times.  We have a group at Shaman College and a place through...

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All Earth's Colours

May 13, 2021

This is our latest Earth Prayers meditation from May 11, 2021.

In these meditations we work with our breath and our body awareness to embody the frequencies of love and light through our sacred vessels and to send this out to the Earth and all beings.

These guided meditations are unscripted, recorded live and open to the messages in the moment.

In this one, we move through the colours of this world.

Thank you to all who take part in these very special blessings.


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Immense Beauty and Gratitude

May 10, 2021

Sharing out to all of our community... gratitude and love.

You know, there are not that many of us that dive this deeply and this fully into shamanism.  And my heart goes out to you all.

The beauty that is moving through you, is immense.

Thank you with my whole heart,


Here is the link for our upcoming May 15th course,

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April New Moon Psychopomp Update - Ocean Power

Apr 24, 2021

Through the portals of the New and Full Moon, a small group of us at Shaman College each follow their guides to offer psychopomp and Earth assistance.

I continue to update you on my experiences and lessons revealed through this process. I hope to inspire you and perhaps pass along pieces of information that may serve you in the navigation of these times.

This last new moon in April 2021 was blessed by the power of Mother Ocean, as she revealed her immense healing beauty.  The spirits  continue to show us that the power in this place is sacred and truly unique in the Universe.

If you are drawn to contribute to the healing sessions during these portals... please include and send your prayers to the Earth and all beings, and know you are here with many.

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Lightbody Activation Series Episode 4 - Grounding

Apr 19, 2021

We receive a high number of requests and comments about grounding.  People feeling ungrounded or wanting assistance in 'how to ground'.

This opens an inquiry and inner looking.  What does it mean to be grounded?  To feel grounded?  And are you ready to open to the power of the Earth (and your body... the ground)?

At the same time, we hear form people that are wanting to fly!  To go into the mystical, the mystery, the stars and not be here in this form.  I hear people describing that they are not human... that they do not identify with this form.

All of these expressions and more... point to the greater question that we are looking at through this series, "What is it to really be a human?".  Human is light and form, stars and Earth.

In this episode, I explore with you, the sense of grounding and the portal that it offers us.  The ground of our being opens to the infinity of our being... they are not separate!

One of the lessons from the yogic...

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Tree of Life Kriya - White Shell Yoga Session

Apr 15, 2021

This video is on our youtube channel, here is the link:

For Spring Equinox, we invited all who could come... to join us in a live White Shell Yoga session. 

I want to share this with our whole community - so the video is now on our YouTube channel.

This shamanic kriya invites the spirits of the trees to assist us to know the cycles, the transitions and the beauty of life. Cycles can be seen as circles but really they are spirals... with recognisable patterns, that are also renewed and unique in each moment.

One of the aspects that I love about this kriya is the essence of unfolding. So, you really get to embody the wisdom of the growth itself. We can tend to value end results or historical knowledge but the unfolding itself carries another piece for all of us. This is a lovely kriya to welcome in the Spring.

Session includes:

- warm-up and preparatory movements

- seated meditations

- standing balances

- dynamic exercises

- guided relaxations and...

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Earth Prayers - Earth, Water, Air, Fire

Apr 12, 2021

Our latest Earth Prayers guided meditation where we access our breath movement and subtle body awareness as one with Mother Earth.  Every week a new meditation is offered live and recorded.

In this one we embody the meeting places of the four elements through the breath and heart opening. 

Currently, the full library of meditations and yoga sessions are available through our online White Shell membership.

Trial months allow you to try out this membership for only £15.

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