Practitioner Highlight - Natalie Falconer

practitioner highlight Feb 03, 2022

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

What a treat I have for you here... I met with one of our graduate practitioners, Natalie Falconer on a video call to tour her healing space and her workshop.

This was very fun for me! I have come to know Natalie and her powerful shamanic healing work over the last couple of years.  To mention but a few gems...I have witnessed many intensive psychopomp healings for Mother Earth, adept work with her beautiful spirit helper team, and a rich understanding of the multiple levels of the Universe and the healing possibilities of navigating this place.  This level of work takes bravery and love.  And now, to be invited into Natalie's extra-ordinary space of practice and making... it is really special.

We can practice shamanic healing without our tools... however, when we work with our drums, rattles, eye curtains, healing sticks, feather wands, etc... they assist our connection, empowerment, and our delivery.

I cannot help but draw connections between Natalie's shamanic abilities and the sacred tools she creates.  For example: her journeying and psychopomp work and the eye curtains and her connection with a team of spirits and her unique rattles.

I hope that this video sharing inspires you in your own shamanic work.  I invite you to visit Natalie's website and see more of what she has on offer.  Many of her sacred tools are for sale, and I am sure they will come into the hands and lives that they are destined to work with.

Natalie's website is:

Thank you Natalie for sharing this with us!

With love and light to all,



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