Divination for Living Embodiment

shamanic practice Apr 11, 2022

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

We have a unique relationship with divination within shamanism.  The tools and abilities we have honed allow us to both receive information through the cognitive channels and to get 'hands-on' guidance on how to embody and breathe this information into our day to day lives.

Shamanism is a bridge, not just for messages and information but also for change, metamorphosis, growth, and healing.

Some people can get into a pattern of divining and divining - always getting more information and filling up the mental realm with thoughts.  And yet for many people, this practice doesn't necessarily result in embodied shifts.

In our courses, we push you to explore the ordinary reality shifts that are available to you through these non-ordinary communications.  Remember, shamanism helps you receive information AND it allows to dive into the transformations.

One suggestion you can begin with right away, is to work as much as you can with your other senses during your journey work.  Instead of relying solely on verbal teachings from your guides, ask them to show you how, ask them to help you feel, sense and even move with this energetic shift.  And then, to honour them best... give it a go in this ordinary realm.  Walk the shifts, speak the shifts, dance them, invite them in, dream them, and give them life here.

Please join me in this video with some more tips and discussion around this topic.

Please reach out at any point to us,

we are here to assist you!
with blessings,

Kimba and the Shaman College Team 


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