Travel and Journey

shamanic practice Apr 13, 2024

In this video, I look at what it is to "journey well".  By this I mean clear journeys and ones that receive healing information (divination) and healing energetics or transmission (application and results).

You have to get very clear.  You have to be able to step out of your belief systems to such a degree that you do not get in the way of what is needed.  All at the same time, you are monitoring safety for yourself and others.

This is possible!  Yet, it requires an understanding of light and shadow within yourself, a ground, and a connection to the heart centre. (I speak about these aspects in the first videos of this series. Click here to watch them.)

While the shamanic journeys are beautiful, colorful and filled with information and insights, they are not escapes from this world.  And they too, can be filled with many challenges.  Ultimately, the journeys are travels within this reality... only they present perspectives that are often not seen.  You could say that the journey is not a connection between worlds but rather a bridge between the seen and the unseen aspects of this reality.  And the shaman or practitioner is the one who becomes this bridge, the unifier or communicator.



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