Light and Shadows

shamanic healing Mar 16, 2024

This video is part 2 in our 6-part video series, The Ground We Stand On If you would like to watch part 1, Shamanism and the Spiritual Warrior, click here.

Shamanism works with the light and acknowledges the shadows.  You are the light of your soul.  Yet, darkness or shadow can arise bringing its challenges and trickery.  As you know, shadows often appear bigger than they are... and when they are "your" shadows, close and intimate, they can appear enormous.  As you gain experience and skill, you are able to discern their illusions and not so easily be thrown off course.

As you develop your discernment and navigation abilities, you also get acquainted with your light.  Many times people are actually shying away from their own light.  Light itself is strong, pure, and beautiful... and when you get more accustomed to being with your own light, you strengthen.

With experience and assistance, you become skilled at navigating many planes of existance including your own inner worlds, the ordinary exterior world around you, and of course the unseen non-ordinary worlds.

I feel this is a gift of the shamanic practice.  This gift helps us - in each our own way, to be grounded and true in the face of shadows.  We are less likely to be caught off-guard or swayed from what we know in our heart to be true.



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