Ethics as a Doorway

shamanic practice Apr 24, 2024

Here I highlight our 5th video in the latest series, The Ground We Stand On.

(For the entire series, click here.)

In this series we look at the spiritual warrior that is required for this work.  I say this is required but I am conscious that it develops with study and practice. This warrior has seen both light and shadow, discovered the strength of the ground, and the loving power of their discerning heart.  They have a navigation skill through the journeys and travels with the spirits.

In this final video, we look at ethics, boundaries and permissions.  These are skills.  I cannot say that they are 'simple' skills... and yet they do get overlooked by many.

None of us practice shamanism in a vacuum.  Even if we only work in isolation, there is not such a thing! 

Our actions, thoughts and words impact the world around us, affecting the energetics and the healing. Shamanism is a study and practice of connection, communication, sharing, giving, receiving... it is a dance with life.

Because of this, ethics, permissions and boundaries are paramount.  When do we get to engage?  Who do we give permission to? How are we assisting and empowering each other?  Is this information helpful?  Is it healing?

A shaman as a spiritual warrior takes these questions on... fearlessly learning and exploring their importance and impact.  It is an ongoing practice of inquiry in the service of this life.

Please join me in this video.

Many blessings for your own discovery,



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