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Intro to Tidal Flows - Breathwork and Movement

Nov 30, 2020

In this video, I share with you some insights into the movement patterns in our bodies, that I call "Tidal Flows".  The foundational tidal flow is with your breath.

In the upcoming live Zoom workshop series, I will be teaching the anatomy, energetics and activations that occur with this breath.  I also help you to 'do' this!  To find it, feel it and know it within.  This is true 'embodiment'.... in-your-body.

2 Sundays- December 6th, 13th from 5pm-7.15pm UK time

Here are the links for more info and booking:


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Heart's Passion and the Shamanic Path

Nov 24, 2020

This week's blog has a lot in it!  First of all, I am excited to share a conversation that I had with author, shamanic practitioner and Shamanism 101 graduate, Sarah Woodard.

Speaking with her about her path and her passion for making a positive impact on our world through writing children's books inspired me to think a lot about how our human heart's passion and our shamanic guidance are related.  Sarah has found a way that these threads of her existence weave together and not only assist others but also energise her own her own place here.

What more can we really want, but to land in our true expression as we assist others?

I was also inspired to speak about creativity in shamanism and how they really go hand in hand. I feel that Sarah inspires this within us... as she speaks about how we can express ourselves in so many ways.

Finally, our conversation invoked an inquiry into my own calling, the hollow bone of shamanism and how it relates to or does not relate to...

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Breathwork for Earth Connection and High Frequency Activation

Nov 18, 2020

Right here with you, right now... you have access to immense energy, healing and wisdom through your sacred vessel, this body.

We can work with our breath and its tidal flow to connect us to the Earth, the Mother Oceans, and all time.  We can also stimulate the receptive antennae of our energy centres to receive information, see lights and colour, feel energy fields and stimulate regeneration and healing.

In my upcoming Breath workshop - 2 part series, I will be teaching about your anatomy of breath, functioning of the pineal gland, stimulation of the kundalini energy and connection with Mother Ocean.

As well as being informative, we will be physically practicing this.  Your embodiment, that is your movement awareness and wisdom, will be the pathway that allows you to 'be' this.  Knowledge will only take us so far.  You must access this through your experience.  I am here to help you!

All are welcome.  If you are new to this type of workshop - you will...

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Keep Your Senses Alive

Nov 06, 2020

At a time when what is placed in front of our human systems... is further and further from natural, it is of utmost importance that we 'stretch' our senses on a continual basis.

You can think of your body in a 'regular' way to help see what I mean.  You are probably familiar that physical fitness and longterm health requires a regular dedication.  That if you don't use it, you lose it, when it comes to muscular strength, flexibility, coordination and mental acuity.

Well, you can think of your 5 senses, multiple subtle senses (clairs)  and your imagination as the same!  We must exercise these regularly... to maintain our full spectrum of awareness.  To maintain and grow our sensitivities we must continually work with them.

We must remain human!  Being human is working with our senses and imagination.  Once these are 'taken' from us, we become desensitised, and we can lose access to so much of our potential.

Everyday... brush your teeth, drink fresh...

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Looking at Light

Oct 28, 2020

Many people come through Shaman College and share that firstly, their connection to spirits and nature reach all the way back to childhood and secondly, that somewhere along the way, they were asked to conform, ignore and forget their innate sensitivities.

You may find that this resonates with your history.  That somewhere along the line of your life, you were encouraged to contain your light.  Perhaps you were also uprooted from your groundedness of being?  It turns out that your groundedness and your light are closely related.

We are brilliant, we have life-force within us.  And we have potentials and capacity within us for a beautiful world.  Humans have more power than we have been taught.  I believe it is time that we all contribute to the recovery of this light, we need this, the Earth needs this, and all life needs this.

In this blog video, I invite you to look at your light.  How do you connect with the higher frequencies that are running...

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Earth Prayers - Let This Current Touch The Shore

Oct 19, 2020

Every week, I go 'live' with a new Earth Prayers Meditation for our White Shell monthly members.  And once in a while I just want to share this with our whole community.

In these meditations, we use our breath and our awareness to bless life, Earth, and all existence through our presence.

We merge with and become the love for this place.  We discover and rediscover how much power and potential resides within us and through us.

In this particular meditation, we become the currents of the water flowing on the Earth and in our bodies, we receive and absorb the healing energy of the Sun and let it fill us up.  As a full vessel of light... this emits from us... and the currents reach the shores of this existence.

Thank you being,

with love,


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Walking Your Light Body

Oct 12, 2020

This is inspired by both personal and professional work that I have done with the "light body" and also shares some insight into the topic that we cover in our new course, Shamanic Pathways for Yoga at Shaman College.

This is such a beautiful and powerful yet simple practice, that shifts your reference point from a physical, solid form to an energetic body of light.

What happens for you when you walk your light body?  What does it feel like?  What does the world look like from there?  Who do you meet along your path?  What messages come?  What visions and visitations arise?

So often we trudge along in the illusion of being stuck in a form... yet our form is a reflection of our reference body of light.

Experiment with a playful invitation to your light body as you move through this world.

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This Path is Not For Everyone!

Oct 07, 2020

I know... it isn't the best advertisement for our college!  But, it is true... this path is not for everyone.  However, we have so many beautiful and powerful practitioners among us.

I am sharing this video blog and hoping that it is insightful and supportive for all of you.

Some of you may be currently feeling the 'push' and the challenge, or maybe you are wondering if this path is for you, or maybe you are actually wanting a training that is detailed, immersive and gradually deepening.

I feel that the shamans that are revealed here... see that their experience and the depth of their footsteps are an integral part of their power.

I do want to say something that didn't get shared in this video... and that is that these paths that you are on are sacred.  Sometimes, the ways we do things at Shaman College do not fit you exactly.  This is also OK.  There are many schools and apprenticeships in shamanism - we are by no means alone.  However, we do have...

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Healing Through the Interconnected Web

Sep 11, 2020

... and the interrelationship of 'me' and 'we.

In this video, I share some insights about this movement from 'me' consciousness to 'we' consciousness and how important this is for both self-healing, healing others and assisting the whole planet.

One of the blessings of shamanic healing is the beautiful interrelationship of 'me' and 'we'.  The healing that comes for each individual arises through the web of connections.  This means that any individual healing both receives through the larger web and reciprocally contributes to the web of all life and all planes of existence.

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Shaman College- Year 3 Here We Go!

Sep 02, 2020

Hello beautiful Shaman College community!

Today, I am sharing a little bit about where we are as we enter this 3rd year breathing as Shaman College. 

As I look out from this vista point, I feel gratitude, wonder and also a sense of an unknown adventure ahead.

The main message, I have to share with you is ... THANK YOU and also, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.

Please feel you can reach out at anytime, we are here to assist and support you on your path and to help rekindle any fires that you may feel have dampened.  This is why we are here.  We know you carry light, wisdom, and strength...  and that you are needed here at this time.

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