White Shell Yoga Warm-Ups

white shell yoga Jan 07, 2021

Length: 1 hour and 11 minutes

This is a lesson that covers 7 of the warm-up, preparatory movements that we most often do before a White Shell Yoga kriya.  They are gentle and almost everyone will be able to do them.

Each movement here is specifically for opening the energetic channels in your body in preparation for healing work, blessings, journeys, and divinatory practices.

You may find this sequence helps you as a daily practice or as a preparation for your spiritual work.

In White Shell Yoga, each kriya is movement journey with a unique energetic signature that we can receive and access more readily after doing these preparations.

In this lesson I take my time as I lead you through the details of the exercises and I get a chance to really explain why we do these particular movements. In the White Shell Yoga classes, I do not have the time to go into this much detail so this is a great place to really fill-in the teachings that you receive in the yoga sessions. 

In the White Shell Membership we have a full archive with over 20 White Shell Yoga kriyas, movement lessons, breathwork series, and full archive of Earth Prayer meditations.  Each week new content is added!

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