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Underneath There is a Drum

Sep 07, 2023

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

I invite you join me in this contemplation audio/video... I have a strong feeling that many of you will resonate with what I am sharing here...

That there is a drumbeat deep within,

A quiet place,

That opens to our communication with Nature and Spirit,

To become comfortable in this Unknown Place,

Is to sit within your True Self. 

with blessings to all,


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Nature Holds the Spiritual Being

Jul 21, 2023

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

Today I bring you some morning musings... these are pieces that have been with me over the last week or so.

I am sure many of you have heard the beautiful words,

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience." Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

These words have stayed with me since I first heard them years ago.  They kind of shifted something within.

In this audio recording, we look at how the anchor into the spiritual being can get lost on people AND how the human nature can get lost as well.

Nature and by extension, your human body, holds you gracefully to a living realisation that you are a spiritual being.  The form and the formless pulse together.  This is what we know from shamanism.  This is the drumbeat of our practice.

I welcome you to join me in this inquiry.

The recording is of the meditative type... may it inspire you to look further or feel more deeply.


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Deepening Relationship

May 09, 2023

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,


This week, we look at what it means to deepen relationship.

When we give a conscientious time to relationship... roots grow deeper.

You realise you can never grasp everything, there is an endless amount of revelation and beauty.

We can be too quick to 'know' someone, some technique, or some place.  Yet, what happens when we allow relationships to deepen with our child, with our parent, with our partner, with our friend?  With the Earth, with our guides, with the animals, with the trees?

As these relationships deepen, the roots break down pieces, patterns and blocks within our own hearts.

Thank you, and may you enjoy this beautiful focus... as you breathe with the relationships in your life.


Many blessings to all,


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When Doubts and Fear Arise

Apr 03, 2023

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

This week's audio/ video addresses how we may work with the aspect of the mind that questions, doubts, and holds you back.

You have likely come across this voice within your shamanic and spiritual work.

"Is that real?" 

"Am I making this up?" 

"Is this a true message?"

"Can I do that?"

These types of questions often arise early in one's shamanic studies.  And I do not feel that they are a 'bad' thing.  Quite the opposite, I find they are asking you to go further, explore more, and ask more.

Other pieces may arise within more advanced work but everyone can share in this looking because of its relevance to our ordinary world existence.  I am talking about fear.  When you can become conscious of this fear energy, you can feel when it arises within yourself, and you can hear when it is coming from outside of yourself.  From there, you can assess its truth or non-truth.  You get to choose whether or not you are...

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Observer - Observed Connection

Feb 20, 2023

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

In this audio recording, I explore the quantum entanglement of the observer and the observed as it is expressed in shamanism.

This connection is foundational to shamanic consciousness and practice.  An active inquiry into this, an exploration - allows you to come more and more clear to the beauty of this work.

Our interaction with the healing is a part of the healing.  And yet, a real knowing of this creates a humility and a bowing to the great mystery. It requests the ego to step aside.

I recorded this with practitioners in mind... yet, we all are 'practitioners'  in some way or another offering our presence and assistance.

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Gift of Perspective

Jan 15, 2023

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

Perspective... is a gift that shamanism offers us.  We can travel far out like an eagle and we can go deeply into the depths like the roots of a great tree.  This perspective itself heals.

When there is a need for assistance and healing, when there is imbalance and unease or disease, one may be circling around in the eddy of conflicting emotions, energies, toxins and confusion. This gets expressed emotionally, mentally and physically.  It is the middle-zone... when one can feel 'too close' to what is happening.  I call this a lack of perspective.  (In shamanic terms, we could understand this as the confusion state within the Interworlds.)

Actually, much of everyday activity and interactions in our world, operates within this middle zone.  It doesn't have to be this way... it is simply a pattern adopted and practiced into a habit.  Shamanism gives us the abilities to break outward or dive inward to see with the...

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New Year Insights

Jan 08, 2023

Many blessings to you all for this new calendar year.

As I sense into this transition, I keep receiving the message that there is work to be done.  This is not a message that is meant to challenge you nor is it to inspire you... it is simply a grounded statement.  There is work to be done.  You have prepared for this emotionally, spiritually and energetically. Lifetimes and ancestral lines have come together for this.

What is needed is your full presence and your truth-filled power.  Your animal guides and allies are here to assist you with this.  They see through all costumery and masks that you may wear and also the ones that are worn by others.  They have a no-nonsense compassion and requirement.  They see through the 'wolves in sheep's clothing' or the ones that say one thing but mean another.

You also may be asked to cleanse more regularly to maintain your clarity and your groundedness. And very importantly, honour the power in this ancient...

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4 Guides Visit Meditation

Sep 08, 2022

Hello Dear Shaman College,

I have a real treat for you... that came from the sunrise in the East.

This is a guided meditation and imagery practice that honours and works with our spirit guides in animal form.  It is specifically for those of you who have already met and regularly commune with your animal spirit guides.  However, all are welcome to take part and I give some instructions in the audio for how to join me with the help of animal allies.

What you will notice as you go through this process is that we work with both the 'known' and the 'unknown'.  In shamanism, we are doing this all the time.  From one perspective, you could say that we are all working with what we call 'the known', as we go through our lives.  Many people are even hiding away from what they consider to be 'the unknown'.  Yet, in shamanism as we walk the known, we are open to the unknown.  This allows for synchronicity, creativity, messages, ah-hah moments, and advanced...

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Soul Places

Aug 26, 2022

Hello Dear Shaman College,

In my practice, I often work with essential oils as well as the cleansing and guiding smoke from the plants and trees.  This sharing comes from my time with the Pink Peppercorn oil and its connection to a very specific Pink Peppercorn Tree on the foothills of a pink mountain in Southern Spain.

As I sat here with the oil, I sat there in Spain... and the tree revealed to me a very sacred aspect of the soul.  Our souls can reach through time and space.  Our souls can sit in many safe and sacred places.  This does not mean that they are 'separated' from the whole.  This does not mean that the soul is fragmented.  Just as your toe is not fragmented from your ear.  They are connected and one with the body, with the whole.  When an aspect of your soul sits in a peaceful spot across the Earth, it is not in any way separated from your breathing location.

The problems arise when a soul piece is resting in a place of trauma,...

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Hollow Bone and the Human

Aug 18, 2022

Hello Dear Shaman College,

This is a topic that has arisen multiple times over the last couple of weeks... always a sign to me that it wants to be shared with our whole community.

There is a special ability that highly skilled shamanic healers share.  It is the grounded recognition and nuances of the personal experience all the while being able to offer healing and divinations from the hollow-bone state.

As the hollow bone, you move through the realms with clarity.  You are the witness, you are the carrier, you are the messenger and you also have a responsibility of safe practice for yourself and all beings. You move with the purity of light but also the sword of truth... and you are guided and working as a team with the benevolent and compassionate spirits.

As the hollow bone you will also see your human self... and as your human self, you will have all of the traits that we emotive humans have!  We feel, we remember, we laugh, we cry, we hide, we shine.


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