Soul Places


Hello Dear Shaman College,

In my practice, I often work with essential oils as well as the cleansing and guiding smoke from the plants and trees.  This sharing comes from my time with the Pink Peppercorn oil and its connection to a very specific Pink Peppercorn Tree on the foothills of a pink mountain in Southern Spain.

As I sat here with the oil, I sat there in Spain... and the tree revealed to me a very sacred aspect of the soul.  Our souls can reach through time and space.  Our souls can sit in many safe and sacred places.  This does not mean that they are 'separated' from the whole.  This does not mean that the soul is fragmented.  Just as your toe is not fragmented from your ear.  They are connected and one with the body, with the whole.  When an aspect of your soul sits in a peaceful spot across the Earth, it is not in any way separated from your breathing location.

The problems arise when a soul piece is resting in a place of trauma, abuse, pain, story, etc and is not existing there with your permission.  This is when either you can go and free your soul if you have that clarity and skill, or you may work with a shamanic practitioner who has the ability and works with the helping spirits to do this advanced level of soul work.  Many times people have soul retrievals that are needed yet, they have no idea that a part of their soul is stuck in a pattern in time.  With the skilled and tender work of a shamanic practitioner,  this need can be revealed and addressed as a part of a healing series.

At this moment, here in this teaching and transmission from Pink Peppercorn, I share the importance and blessing it can be to acknowledge the sacred places where aspects of your soul reside.  (Also notice that you give this authority, you invite your soul aspect to be there and you can at anytime call this aspect back close to you.) These are special places... they allow you to feel the vast canopy of your beautiful soul.  They serve you and connect you with so many healing vibrations on this Earth and in this Universe. You may even say that they give you colour and tone, they gift you with wisdom and grace.

May you enjoy visiting your sacred soul places,

with love and gratitude,



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