New Year Insights


Many blessings to you all for this new calendar year.

As I sense into this transition, I keep receiving the message that there is work to be done.  This is not a message that is meant to challenge you nor is it to inspire you... it is simply a grounded statement.  There is work to be done.  You have prepared for this emotionally, spiritually and energetically. Lifetimes and ancestral lines have come together for this.

What is needed is your full presence and your truth-filled power.  Your animal guides and allies are here to assist you with this.  They see through all costumery and masks that you may wear and also the ones that are worn by others.  They have a no-nonsense compassion and requirement.  They see through the 'wolves in sheep's clothing' or the ones that say one thing but mean another.

You also may be asked to cleanse more regularly to maintain your clarity and your groundedness. And very importantly, honour the power in this ancient practice.  Your light and your center are here, yet it sometimes gets clouded or shrouded.  This 'dust' is often fairly easy to release, but it does require a heart - consciousness and a welcome to the helping spirits.

This work to be done requires you to be here, to stand in your True Self during simple movements, daily activities, interactions with others... and please remember to look people in the eyes.

I know this may feel like a 'big ask', but I am asking!

And please as always know that we are here.  Reach out to us.  We are not a huge college.  We enjoy making personal connections with you.  We are not 'far away'... we are right here, living these ancient and ever-renewing shamanic ways.

With love and gratitude,

Kimba and the Shaman College Team


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