When Doubts and Fear Arise


Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

This week's audio/ video addresses how we may work with the aspect of the mind that questions, doubts, and holds you back.

You have likely come across this voice within your shamanic and spiritual work.

"Is that real?" 

"Am I making this up?" 

"Is this a true message?"

"Can I do that?"

These types of questions often arise early in one's shamanic studies.  And I do not feel that they are a 'bad' thing.  Quite the opposite, I find they are asking you to go further, explore more, and ask more.

Other pieces may arise within more advanced work but everyone can share in this looking because of its relevance to our ordinary world existence.  I am talking about fear.  When you can become conscious of this fear energy, you can feel when it arises within yourself, and you can hear when it is coming from outside of yourself.  From there, you can assess its truth or non-truth.  You get to choose whether or not you are going to act on that energy or deflect it... and proclaim that it is not yours.

Whether it be doubts or fears, there is a way of working with these voices, sometimes called the "negative mind", that can serve us.  We can find a way that allows this aspect of our mind to assist us in deepening our inquiry.

Ultimately, the shamanic hollow bone state offers us a clarity where many voices are heard... and these voices serve us well asking us to go deeper yet into our hearts... so that navigation comes from this clear place on the wings of the benevolent spirits.

May light shine upon you,

and this message land right where it needs to,



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