White Shell Yoga - Willow, Wise, Weaving Kriya

white shell yoga Jun 21, 2021

Every Saturday, a new White Shell Yoga kriya is recorded and then shared with our members.  This is a new, unique and beautiful form of shamanic yoga.  I started receiving these kriyas 4 years ago - asking the ancestors to merge with me and share what I can for this time on Earth.  So far, the spring flows and it seems the kriyas keep coming.

Each one is unique, yet they carry similar messages, and they work with an embodiment that I have not found in other forms of movement.  The spirits are teaching me through the kriyas about the 'system' of White Shell Yoga and its importance for humanity as we move into this new age.

From time to time, I like to share a session with our larger community .... it is difficult to choose which one to publish!  I hope you enjoy these gifts from the Willow.

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**** If you are looking for a more gentle sequence or want a step-by-step detailed instruction, please try out our White Shell Yoga preparation movements video, click here.


Session Notes:

This kriya carries a beautiful soft strength from the Willow.  Notice how your limbs get woven like the baskets made of willow shoots.

All of the White Shell Yoga sessions work with the waters, tidal flows, rhythms, and fluidity.  Yet, this kriya almost takes it even more fluid.... if that is possible!?  I encourage you to really let yourself go in this kriya... let the waters and the willow show you how to move.

We are getting to know ourselves as human in a much different way than we have been taught. 

The kriya completes with a decomposition relaxation... preparing you for the end meditation that works with the sweetness of your own expression.

Session includes:

- Warm-up and preparation movements

- Seated quiet meditations

- Movement meditations

- Rolling and extending

- Standing balance

- Guided relaxation and closing meditation


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