Living the Sacred Path

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2019

Living the Sacred Path

Your own healing, your own being in your True Self and finding your inherent balance with Nature and Spirit is with you, this potential is built into who and what you are.

We have found that some of our students are drawn to shamanism because they want to become a practitioner or a "shaman" and offer these ways of healing to others.  And yet, other students want to take this depth of study and practice for their personal healing and expression in their lives.  So we have created an in-depth course for self-practice that parallels the Shamanic Practitioner training with its initiations, close mentorship, and expanded rituals.  It is called, Living the Sacred Path.

As we set to create this course, the Spirits, creative  energy itself and our hearts' alignment... began to realise a programme that assists individuals to step by step immerse into a shamanism that becomes merged and honoured within one's daily and weekly consciousness.  We are really excited about this! It has become a truly beautiful offering for our community.

If you are seeking this depth of study with the mentorship of our experienced teachers and yet are not drawn to healing others as a profession... you are welcome.  We now have a course of study for you!

Additionally, if you are drawn to take BOTH our Full Certification and Living the Sacred Path, we can find a way for you to do this!  It is a powerful combination for sure. Please be in touch and we can discuss this further.

Thank you,

blessings to all,

the Shaman College Team


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