Tuning the Dial of Consciousness


Hello Dear Shaman College,

As I prepare for our upcoming course, Your Spirit Allies, I reflect upon the ability that we all have to "tune-in". As humans, light-beings, we have a powerful access to the vibrations and energetics of this Universe.

This ability is built into who and what we are.  You are always tuning into something, and often times many things at once.  Right now, as I write this, I am tuning into you... seeing you as an individual sovereign and unique being but I am also tuning into you as one of our Shaman College community members. This creates a lift in my energy... as I see our college, a group of heart-centred healers, shamanic practitioners, students, graduates, teachers and friends through the common ground of this earth and these stars, the drumbeat and the lineages through time.

It is important to recognise to what you are tuning your consciousness.  Why is this?  We impact the health of ourselves, of our world, and of the beings around us.  We shape this place through this 'simple' act of aligning our consciousness. What vibrations have you been tuning into today?

A skilled shamanic practitioner tunes into multiple realms, spirits, living beings, locations, timelines and outcomes all at once.  And all for the benefit of the individual they are working with and the benefit of all beings in the balance of the whole of existence.

I recommend that you begin to acknowledge what you tune into, recognise your specific patterns and complexities of tuning.... and how this speaks to you.  Also, look at how you make connections into the Great Web of the Universe and what you 'do' when you are in resonance with a certain thread of that web.

And... If you would like to join me for our upcoming course, Your Spirit Allies, we will work with a nuanced access to our human instrument and explore how our mechanism for tuning - in can shift depending on who and what we are working with.

With many blessings to all,



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