Tree of Life Kriya - White Shell Yoga Session

white shell yoga Apr 15, 2021

This video is on our youtube channel, here is the link:

For Spring Equinox, we invited all who could come... to join us in a live White Shell Yoga session. 

I want to share this with our whole community - so the video is now on our YouTube channel.

This shamanic kriya invites the spirits of the trees to assist us to know the cycles, the transitions and the beauty of life. Cycles can be seen as circles but really they are spirals... with recognisable patterns, that are also renewed and unique in each moment.

One of the aspects that I love about this kriya is the essence of unfolding. So, you really get to embody the wisdom of the growth itself. We can tend to value end results or historical knowledge but the unfolding itself carries another piece for all of us. This is a lovely kriya to welcome in the Spring.

Session includes:

- warm-up and preparatory movements

- seated meditations

- standing balances

- dynamic exercises

- guided relaxations and meditations 

A new White Shell yoga kriya is taught and recorded every week. Our White Shell Membership has an archive of over 30 yoga sessions, Earth Prayers meditaitons, gentle movement sessions and workshops. There are trial months available for only £15.

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