Mentor - Apprentice Heritage


I have been reflecting upon this beautiful mentor-apprentice relationship that develops through our programmes at Shaman College.  It calls me back through my life but also beyond that to lifetimes of mentors and apprentices through the ages.

A mentor assists their apprentice in drawing forth their light, their skills, their capacity and the surprises and beauty that no one could have predicted. An apprentice shows up for this.  Together, there is a meeting place.

At Shaman College, our goal is to honour this tradition through our online mentored trainings.  And, while I know we are always learning, adapting and growing, I believe that we have found a way to do this even through online communication.  Wow... what a surprise in itself.

Steve Serr had this vision and began successfully training many students, practitioners and teachers this way.  Our teachers at Shaman College have all been through this process and continue our tradition.

When we think of 'college', we can think of books, essays, tests and exams.  We may think of obtaining knowledge and learning what we do not already know.  However, this college, this community gathering around the sacred fire of shamanism, asks each one to discover within themselves something that is developing and also renewing as a direct revelation, and a living path suited exactly for their own footsteps.

As mentors, yes we push our apprentices at times.  Our practitioner programme is demanding physically, emotionally, and spiritually. However, we also lead, guide, carry and hold a safe space for effective practice and beautiful realisation. Our graduates complete their training with many hours of practice and client sessions so that they are prepared for service in this world.

Our mentored foundation course, is open to all levels of shamanism and establishes a strong foundation for future healing modalities and exploration.  It allows you to dive as deeply as you are drawn and to establish a profound relationship with the spirits that you can carry with you for as long as you keep those channels open.


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