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As well as learning, developing and divining, we need times when we are allowed to integrate the changes and growth that has occurred.  When we are changing patterns that have become imbedded in us- there often is a necessary period of soaking up the changes - neurologically, emotionally, chemically, physically, and spiritually.

This week we include a Healing Transmission- relaxation for you.

These healing transmissions are gifts from the spirits to assist us in those integration times.  When our 'seeking' minds can rest and our whole system can re-align.

This audio relaxation and guidance is one of the many meditations within our course, Your Spirit Allies which starts March 29, 2021.


NOTE ON OILS- this guidance comes directly from the essential oil and spirits of the Lavender plant, if you have the oil, you may enjoy working with it.  If not, the healing works without it as well!  You may enjoy gazing at the image of Lavender here to help you connect.  Please always seek expert guidance in uses of oils- there is much conflicting information about safety and its best to always use them with honour for they are very powerful and may not require contact with your skin.


Video Transcription:

Hello, this is Kimba welcome to Shaman college.  This week, it's a combination of a video lesson and an audio relaxation.

Many times in healing work we are changing a lot. We are changing our patterns, we are clearing 'stuff' out. We are bringing 'stuff' back in. And, this can be quite a lot of energy that's brought up when these patterns begin to shift.

We also often need downtime. We often need rest. This can be anything from lying down for five to 15 minutes to half an hour after a deep kind of healing session, either on yourself or for your client. Or this can be times that you take throughout your week following a healing so that you can rest.

The rest is really important because it's the time where everything integrates. It's the time where everything finds its new positioning. And when I say 'everything', I mean neurologically- so that's the physical 'stuff' - emotionally, which is also part of the physical 'stuff' because there are chemicals, hormones, and when the hormones and the nerves and the emotions meet, we have an energetic field.

So these shifts are happening and the also there is circulation and communication within the energy centres of your form. This will impact the frequencies that are coming off of your form as well as the frequencies that you're tuning into.

Of course we're also talking -spiritually. So the connections, again, frequencies of connections to the spirits that are helping you, guiding you.  Or it might mean, strengthening of your energetic fields that help with the clear boundaries that perhaps are needed to be rewoven after something has been extracted, something has been removed, or something has been cut.

So we can't just do more healing and more healing and more healing and more healing- kind of in that fashion! Our work has a natural timing to it and it needs that rest time.

This is my main message this week included here, I'm putting in an audio healing transmission that I recorded with work with the lavender and it's actually an audio file that is included in our course called Your Spirit Allies. The course every week has multiple, downloadable MP3s where you can listen and rest as we know the importance of that integration time.  Because it is with lavender, it comes with a...  I want to say an open safety and love for all beings. You know, lavender-  you can use even with your children. It's such a gentle and accessible healer.

Okay. So I hope you enjoy this this week and I hope that maybe I've also touched on something for some of you that will resonate with the need for the time to integrate your healing. Okay. All right. See you soon.

Lavender Healing Transmission:

(May be enjoyed with or without the oil... you may enjoy using the images of Lavender to assist you!)

Please find yourself either sitting or lying down in a comfortable position and have your lavender oil nearby. You can either inhale the oil through the bottle or you can put a drop in your hand, rub your hands together and breathe in the scent of the lavender.

As you breathe in the scent of the lavender, let yourself be touched by the lavender. The lavender oil moves into you through your lungs and through your sense of smell, and it moves in through your skin. And we're connecting with the spirit of the lavender plant.

"Come to our fields. Brush your hand over our flowers. Feel the warmth of the sun. Rest among us. Let us soothe you, let us soften the hard edges. Let us smooth out the rough areas. Let us soften and let us soothe. Let us care for and cool the irritation. Let us us carry. What are you carrying? Let us carry your burdens.

Rest here, dear friends, rest here, dear ones, take the baggage off. Take the bags and the backpacks and the suitcases and everything that you're carrying. Let them rest. Let us carry them for you.

Let our colours of purple and blue, our colours of the white light. Let our colours soothe you, encircle you.

Let us peel back those bandages. Let us peel back those wrappings and those coverings let us soothe what you once thought has to hide. Let us heal what you thought had to be wrapped up. Let these tender places feel the air. Let these tender places be carried. Let them feel the fresh air again.

Let yourself sense into a light inside, an  illuminating  soft white light. A soft true light that lives deep inside of you. Carefully adorned, carefully wrapped in silks. That lives carefully and is carried lovingly deep inside of you. May we soothe the expression of this white light within you. May we welcome this white light within you. Like seeing a light within the windows of your form. Gently this white light illumines the windows.

Rest easy, rest easy in our deep purples and blues. Rest easy in our very light-green leaves, rest easy with this white light deep within you that reaches to the windows of your form. Rest easy. As you were once wrapped... breathe again. Feel the fresh air. Again, rest easy as we carry anything that you were carrying...

If all that was left now...  it would be a song like a bird song, like a song that comes from some very deep place inside of you, a song of the white light easily emanating, singing. Now the birds are flying and singing and this voice- not yours and yet coming from you- from the place of the light, from the unburdened place, from the place of the soothing spirit. This voice carries you as well.  This deep voice of the white light, the sounds of the song like balms on your skin. Nourish and heal in the song like the scent of the lavender- it reaches and touches those that hear it, as they are welcomed into the healing.

Let yourself continue to rest. Continue to breathe in the scent of the essential oil of the lavender spirit and when you are ready, return back through the lavender fields, perhaps brushing your hand across their flowers, releasing the scent, feeling the gratitude in your heart to these sacred plants.

As you breathe, then you return back into your body here and yet somehow lighter, softer and with a knowing that this white light within you is still present. Know, that you are welcome to return whenever you are called to be with the lavender spirits.

Blessings to you and blessings to all.


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