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Join Me for a New Year Blessing

Jan 03, 2024

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

May you receive New Year blessings.  I feel them flowing forth to you.  Thank you so much for being here and connecting to this college.

The morning of the first day of this year, I found myself going into a prayer for you, and for all beings.  I welcome you to sit with me at my morning spot.

This is a prayer that is interactive, you can join me through the contemplations and through the hand mudras/ positions.

Our hands carry expressive energy - that is projective or outwards and also active inwards through our energetic physiology creating a powerful circuit with our heart and our brain.

May this year be one that witnesses your heart, your light and your peace.

Please reach out any time...


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The Connecting Place

Dec 16, 2023

I know it has been a while since I have sent out an email to you all.  I have had quite a tech issue... and it is actually continuing, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as they say!

I laugh a little bit because I do have a part of me that enjoys no-tech, that is for sure. But, alas we are an online college.

This brings me to one of my intentions for this coming year, I look forward to meeting with more of you - and more often.  I am considering ideas for group online gatherings and classes, regular Q&A and some group healing sessions.

Also, our farm and sanctuary in Belize will soon have a regular social media place where I can welcome you as I walk this path and experience the spirits' messages and blessings.

For today, I share with you a video - with an invitation for contemplation and sitting in presence together.

I do hope it finds you, and that it serves you in a deep and beautiful way.

I hope it fills you up, and allows you that space to enjoy your...

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Underneath There is a Drum

Sep 07, 2023

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

I invite you join me in this contemplation audio/video... I have a strong feeling that many of you will resonate with what I am sharing here...

That there is a drumbeat deep within,

A quiet place,

That opens to our communication with Nature and Spirit,

To become comfortable in this Unknown Place,

Is to sit within your True Self. 

with blessings to all,


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4 Guides Visit Meditation

Sep 08, 2022

Hello Dear Shaman College,

I have a real treat for you... that came from the sunrise in the East.

This is a guided meditation and imagery practice that honours and works with our spirit guides in animal form.  It is specifically for those of you who have already met and regularly commune with your animal spirit guides.  However, all are welcome to take part and I give some instructions in the audio for how to join me with the help of animal allies.

What you will notice as you go through this process is that we work with both the 'known' and the 'unknown'.  In shamanism, we are doing this all the time.  From one perspective, you could say that we are all working with what we call 'the known', as we go through our lives.  Many people are even hiding away from what they consider to be 'the unknown'.  Yet, in shamanism as we walk the known, we are open to the unknown.  This allows for synchronicity, creativity, messages, ah-hah moments, and advanced...

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Energetic Anatomy Meditation

Jul 29, 2022

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

In this meditation, I guide you through your "readily accessible energetic anatomy".  This includes:

  • Your root system down through your pelvis- flexible, and strong.
  • Your sounding in the bones - the resonating chambers of your body.
  • Your energetic field, or auric field - that exists beyond your skin but can be felt as it is one with your physical body.
  • Your expansive heart, all directions and how it fills Space.
  • Your clear head, your crown open to the heavens.

All of these aspects can be experienced individually and together... they move and breathe together!

Through this meditation, you are invited into one of the most potent understandings within shamanism.  You are both form and formlessness.  You are in multiple realms.  The skilled practitioners can truly move and dance between the realms but also actually embodying the connection or bridge itself.

I discuss at the end a challenge that can arise with this...

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Healing and Integration - Lavender Spirit

Mar 15, 2020

As well as learning, developing and divining, we need times when we are allowed to integrate the changes and growth that has occurred.  When we are changing patterns that have become imbedded in us- there often is a necessary period of soaking up the changes - neurologically, emotionally, chemically, physically, and spiritually.

This week we include a Healing Transmission- relaxation for you.

These healing transmissions are gifts from the spirits to assist us in those integration times.  When our 'seeking' minds can rest and our whole system can re-align.

This audio relaxation and guidance is one of the many meditations within our course, Your Spirit Allies which starts March 29, 2021.


NOTE ON OILS- this guidance comes directly from the essential oil and spirits of the Lavender plant, if you have the oil, you may enjoy working with it.  If not, the healing works without it as well!  You may enjoy gazing at the image of Lavender here to help you...

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