Lightbody Activation Series Episode 4 - Grounding

lightbody activation Apr 19, 2021

We receive a high number of requests and comments about grounding.  People feeling ungrounded or wanting assistance in 'how to ground'.

This opens an inquiry and inner looking.  What does it mean to be grounded?  To feel grounded?  And are you ready to open to the power of the Earth (and your body... the ground)?

At the same time, we hear form people that are wanting to fly!  To go into the mystical, the mystery, the stars and not be here in this form.  I hear people describing that they are not human... that they do not identify with this form.

All of these expressions and more... point to the greater question that we are looking at through this series, "What is it to really be a human?".  Human is light and form, stars and Earth.

In this episode, I explore with you, the sense of grounding and the portal that it offers us.  The ground of our being opens to the infinity of our being... they are not separate!

One of the lessons from the yogic teachings that I have always resonated with is that when the lower chakras are cleared and vibrant, that the the upper chakras can open.  This is also what I have found in my work with clients... when the Earth channels and the physical channels are balanced and present, the psychic, spiritual and star channels can open.

It is very rare to find an individual that is grounded, physically present, with their Earth channels open, with their lower chakras healthy and balanced... that is unable to flow to the higher centres.  I have not met one yet, though they may be out there?

In shamanism and shamanic healing, this grounding is experienced in someone who is practicing safely, effectively and powerfully. The ground giving them a strength and ability to bring healing to Earth, while the upper chakras open to multiple realms.  And the heart beat, connecting everything as One.


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