Breathwork for Earth Connection and High Frequency Activation

sacred body Nov 18, 2020

Right here with you, right now... you have access to immense energy, healing and wisdom through your sacred vessel, this body.

We can work with our breath and its tidal flow to connect us to the Earth, the Mother Oceans, and all time.  We can also stimulate the receptive antennae of our energy centres to receive information, see lights and colour, feel energy fields and stimulate regeneration and healing.

In my upcoming Breath workshop - 2 part series, I will be teaching about your anatomy of breath, functioning of the pineal gland, stimulation of the kundalini energy and connection with Mother Ocean.

As well as being informative, we will be physically practicing this.  Your embodiment, that is your movement awareness and wisdom, will be the pathway that allows you to 'be' this.  Knowledge will only take us so far.  You must access this through your experience.  I am here to help you!

All are welcome.  If you are new to this type of workshop - you will be guided!  And if you have practiced various yogic and spiritual movement work... you will be inspired.  I am bringing together movement and anatomical work that most people do not find in their yoga including the details of the multiple gates between the chakras, the location of the pineal and how it is activated, the movement of the ocean in your body, the asymmetry of the kundalini, and nuances of diaphragm, pelvic floor and sacral rocking.

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