You Are Here For This

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2019

You Are Here For This

the Healing Power in Your Announcements

This is a simple teaching but something that can get overlooked in one's own healing and when offering healing to another.

It is the announcement that the individual makes to the Spirits and to Nature... that they are here for this healing.

When you stand and face the directions, when you call out to Mother Earth and Father Sky, to the Moon and the Stars, to the Trees, you stand in honesty, in truth because they require that of you.  An announcement of this kind is received.  It is heard and it sets in motion the alignment of the energies and the communications that are required for transformation.

Try it!

The next time you are seeking healing, transforming, growth, or guidance.  First go to someplace in Nature.  Go to a Tree or to a Spring and announce to them that you are here for _______ (fill in the blank).

Maybe you are here to release the pieces that are holding you back.  Or to receive the gifts that you need for a specific healing.  It is your announcement so it most likely will be as specific to you as it can be.

Feel what it is like to stand there, honestly.  To stand there truthfully.  To powerfully, and heartfully announce this to the Spirits who only receive your deep truths.

You can do this!  And it is the base, the ground from which your healing unfolds.

with love to all,

Kimba and the Shaman College Team


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