Together - Spirit Allies


Hello dear Shaman College,

Our world is magical, filled with beauty, mystery and support.  The helping spirits are here assisting us each step of way.  How many helpers are there?  Infinite.

You become very close with some of these spirits through journeying, conversations, dances, song, dreams and healing sessions.  They become longtime friends and teachers... you could call them, 'special helpers for this lifetime'.

And other spirit helpers are here as well... breathing life, colour, inspiration, guidance, light, grounding and more for this moment.  These are the 'spirit allies'.  They may be consistent helpers or they may be here at this place, at this moment, for this exact need... like messengers lighting your way.

Can we open again, like we did at one time, to this mystery that lives right here in our extraordinary existence?  Can we right here, right now connect to the spirit allies?  Can we do this without travelling?  Can we do this without journeying or dreaming?  Can this be a part of our day to day waking lives?


These are some of the reasons that I created our 7-week course, Your Spirit Allies. And it is time again to run this course as a group experience.

I am so happy to share that I will be offering Your Spirit Allies as a group experience coming up on September 18th, 2022.  These are 7 weeks filled with audio content, video content and written support.  We have a group sharing page and a weekly group video meeting.

There is an Early Bird discount through the end of August.

Click here for details.

I look forward to spending this time together soon!
Blessings to all,



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