Soul Presence Sensing

audio guidance Mar 24, 2023

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

I invite you in this week's video/audio to explore your ability to sense the essence or presence of an individual.

This essence is the soul's presence.  And you will soon recognise that it is timeless.  Through further inquiry, you will find it is also unbound... that means it exists both in form and beyond form.

I guide you to sense this presence with animals and humans... and with yourself.  I also recommend that you can do this with trees, as they are ready assistants on this path.

We are often so quick to define, we are quick to draw lines and create beliefs linked to individuals.  We assign opinions, dates, places, memories, projections, and more.  Here in this practice, we give to ourselves and to existence itself, an opportunity to be perceived through these illusions.

I do advise that you allow this sensing of the soul to be a living practice.  This means that once you have sensed a soul's presence, you do not let it define that soul.  Instead you allow it fluctuate, breathe and reveal itself to you with the knowing that there is always so much more.

Please enjoy the audio guidance...

May this find you at just the right moment,

many blessings,



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