Sing Yourself Hollow

Uncategorized Mar 07, 2019

This hollow state, the hollow one, the hollow bone... such a blessed state, to come empty, to come open, to lay your beliefs and your agendas aside in service of great Spirit and healing for all.

There are many practices and rituals that we learn to assist us in realising this hollow place.  We can cleanse and the plants help us.  We can drum and the sound and spirt of the drum helps us.  We can call the directions and they open us, clear us for this.

And, we can SING ourselves hollow.

There is something about singing this way, that opens the heart.  A heart song.  Where does this song come from? Spirit calling to Spirit.

Open your voice, sing to the dear and loved nature, sing your gratitude, sing your intentions.  Often these songs only seem to exist in the moment and then they are gone.  They take flight, they travel.

Imagine a world where people are singing their hearts out to Spirit, out to the world.  This can be our place... and your songs are needed here!

Thank you and blessings to all.


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