Shamanism Flowing Through Artwork

shamanic artwork Apr 14, 2020

This week's blog is a sharing from a teacher at Shaman College, Heidi Kummli.  She guides us through creating a 'Tiny Blessing Bag'.

Heidi's shamanism flows through her as a creative process- through her artwork and beadwork.  In order for this energy to manifest in this way... her life is steeped in practice and deep in reverence.

You may have seen the beadwork photography in our website?  These pieces have moved from spirit through Heidi's hands.

Heidi has contributed many units in both our introductory courses and especially in our advanced course in self-healing called Living the Sacred Path where she guides students through her beautiful ways in detailed workshops in shamanic artwork and an in-depth exploration of the Medicine Wheel among other gifts of wisdom.

Please enjoy this inspiring video at Heidi's YouTube channel.


You can also find Heidi's work in Etsy.


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