Senses, Subtle Senses, Your Super Powers

shamanic practice Feb 13, 2020

There can be a tendency among us humans, especially in today’s digital and technological world, to depend on our visual sense. Have you seen people sucked in to their screens? Maybe you have noticed your own tendencies? What is happening is that many people are basically ‘watching the show’ of life.

As sensitive beings, as people drawn to Earth-based spirituality, healing, and the shamanic views, we can work with our senses, subtle senses, and emotional senses in a way that taps us in to our super powers and allows us to both receive information and offer assistance out into our world.

In this video I share insights into some of our subtle senses, and encourage you to  ‘look’ within and become aware of your own tendencies. All of us are impacted by our inherited and environmental factors, which create certain filters on our various senses. However, these can be cleared and opened and assist in a deep healing. This can happen for you with a heart-centred appreciation for the world around you through the many streams and pathways that your senses offer you.


Welcome to Shaman college. My name is Kimba Bridgeman and I am the director here. I'm also one of our teachers. So I get the opportunity every week to mentor some of our students. And today I'd like to go into the topic of our senses. I think that this topic is a reminder and an encouragement to all of you practitioners and advanced students and healers out there and also to our community, our friends and to our students today. Yesterday I was with my daughter's school, so I got to join them. We went here in the UK to a place called Kingley Vale. It's an ancient yew woods and I don't know how many of you listening have spent much time with the big yew trees? We have quite a few here, we have many in the UK and this is an ancient yew woodlands.

So there are many of the greats in there, it's quite an experience to be there. And the yew woods are very dark. They are big trees and there's a lot of darkness in their woodlands. I've put some images here on the video for you to look at. But as I spent time with them, and I get this every time from the yews as I spend time with them, I always marvel at how on a purely visual sense, it looks like it would be a heavy energy. It looks like it would be a dark, very dark energy. Not in a bad way, but in a dark way.

However, all you have to do is spend some time with them, sense into them, lean in, sit, climb, touch, close your eyes and begin to really sense into them. Soon you will start to feel this light energy, this almost angelic, heavenly light... lightness, brightness.

You know, we are such visual creatures, us, humans so dominated by our visual sense, our eyes. And maybe it's getting stronger. I don't know?  Not stronger, but maybe it's getting even more engrained that people today are using their visual sense so much because of the social media and because the computers and our phones and all of this. There's a lot of watching. And what we must be aware of is that we can as humans turn into people watching the show of life. Just looking, looking, looking, looking and kind of trudging along. Yeah. One of the beautiful things in shamanism as you know, or as you've been exploring, I hope and definitely in our courses and classes we use our visual sense, but we use it a bit differently. We use the subtle visual sense. So seeing things, allowing the vision to open. Maybe some of us are seeing colours now?  Maybe you will see a light moving through the space differently? Maybe you will see a kind of the aura or the field around living beings?  Maybe you will see other ones that aren't here, but spirit forms moving through?  And of course in our journeys, the visual sense becomes very strong as well.

However, it's our other senses that are also there and they're very alive. So I recommend to you when you're going out in, I was going to say in nature and it's beautiful to do in nature, but even in your kind of internal environments, close your eyes and allow your body to feel what it's feeling. Allow your heart, your emotions, acknowledge what your emotions are feeling, see what sounds are coming in, see what you're smelling and tasting. They're so linked, the smell and the taste.

We are incredibly sensitive beings with sensitive instruments.

So I'm inviting you to look at yourself. I'm laughing cause I'm using the word, "look. So look within and notice your own patterns of the senses that you're using. What senses could you invite on board more?

Notice your own patterns.

As well as the regular senses. You'll have the subtle senses. So I can feel this. The surfaces of this crystal.  And it has a feeling too, but I can also feel the energetics of it and they may be matching, but they may be a different subtle feeling. And then my body might receive its own subtle feeling, which is yet again different.

And then my heart centre, my emotional centre will have its own feelings going on. Same with hearing. I might hear the birds, I don't know if it's picking up on the video, but the birds are coming in, there's some traffic as well. So those are the external sounds. But I can also hear my subtle hearing.

Which can come in a lot of different vibrations and tones.

So same with the sense of smell and taste. I could smell the herbs and the plants in my environment, but I also might get that smell of like "peat", like soil. Reminding me of Mother Earth. No, I don't know if peat is the right word, you know that kind of wet soil smell. It's not in here, it's coming into my subtle senses.

So, these are the ways in shamanism that more information is there. Also the ways that we can really be alive in this world instead of kind of watching the show of life. When you get more experience and more in tuned with these multiple channels of information gathering, you can understand yourself more. You can understand the places you are, more, you can understand the other living beings that you are with more. And if we are to move forward, if we are to break the patterns and conditioning that we have experienced, inherited picked up on in various ways. If we are to break free of some of this, we have got to tap into our abilities of our instrument. And the senses are really one of your super powers.

Okay. Enjoy this. Please also leave comments on this blog because we love to hear from you. Let us know how you're using your senses, what you've realised, perhaps through listening to this video or through going out and opening up. Keep us in the loop because we would really love to hear from you.


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