Psychopomp Update, Healing Formulas and Lessons from Souls

update Apr 08, 2021


This update is quite packed full!  Firstly, I want to introduce and remind us all about the multiplicity and sacred geometrics of healing.  While the western, culturally accepted model of medicine and healthcare is specialised and treatment based on one 'issue'... we know from shamanism and from other models of healing that the terrain, or the wholeness of a person in relationship to many factors is what is really here. Wholeness is calling us to see it.

In an ideal medical model, you would work with your medical specialist when needed but you would also be working with someone that sees you as a whole body-mind-spirit in relationship with the wholeness of the Universe. Your 'treatment' would incorporate this view.  And ultimately, your life would be your treatment.

Fragmentation has come to surface in many of our lives over the last year.  The 'distancing' taken into many different areas.  And yet, the shamanism keeps calling us home to the beauty, power and healing abilities that are built into exactly what we are as humans - with human hearts and human light, with community and sharing, with touch and hugs, and connections with all of life.

In this video, I also give an update on the latest full moon psychopomp that was at the end of March with the lessons that were revealed through this process.

If you haven't seen the video on the March New Moon, here is the link: 13-psychopomp update


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