Personal and Universal Aspects of Healing

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2019

At some point in our shamanic healing... we become aware that healing of the self, healing of others and healing of our Earth, Universe and all beings are one.

It is the 'work' of the Spirits themselves that guide us into this knowing so that it can rest in our bones and breathe in our lungs.  It is they who move this mental 'concept' into the living truth within us.

We welcome you to bring this awareness into your self-healing sessions and if you are a practitioner, into your work with others.  Observe what happens when you become open to this.  Observe what happens when you see each shamanic 'act' as a Universal act.

Observe what happens when you look upon yourself and this.

(Right now, I am at my 'mobile' office... away from the beauties and sacred space of my home office.  I am in a public cafe space. There are people eating, meetings happening, and lots of seemingly 'unnatural' decor.  (It is actually quite nice and I have a quiet space here!) . But I do wonder to myself how many people here realise that they are the Sun, Stars, Elements, Trees, Air, Animals, Hu-mans (light beings)? When I get to speak with one... I hold this universal view in my heart... may all beings find peace, may we all rest into our truth and find our balance with Nature..... Kimba)

with love and joy to all,

 Shaman College


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