Mother Ocean - Tidal Breathwork

breathwork Jan 26, 2023

Hello Dear Shaman College Community,

In a dream, I was interviewed and asked about what I had to teach about the breath.  For a long time now I have been teaching breathwork - from many modalities, approaches and viewpoints.  Yet, when asked in the dream, I had nothing to share!  There was only silence.

After what felt like a fairly long pause, or blank mind... I began to speak and out poured a river.

In this video I share with you what is flowing about breath and how it connects us to the Mother Ocean, all life on Earth and the Universal consciousness, divine love.

Your breath unites all the elements and really is an aspect of light moving through you in this life.

For shamans and healers, the breath opens your visioning ability, your sight in the darkness.

I am sure there will be more to record and share with you.  For now, I have recorded a video lesson... please see link below.

Embodied awareness of the tidal flow of our breath has many benefits:

  • Opens us to a Universal rhythm
  • Connects us to Mother Ocean
  • Kundalini activation becomes a regular and active reality
  • We get to know our body as a sacred instrument
  • Our self- healing abilities are embodied
  • Visionary centres open - through the pineal activation
  • Compassion, Love and Light awareness through the pituitary activation 

May this land with you at the just the right time,

many blessings,



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