Light Body Activation and Your Super Nature Episode 1

audio guidance Mar 17, 2021

(We also have a podcast, if you would prefer to listen offline, please find Shaman College at your favourite podcast provider.)

Our first in this new series, Light Body Activation and Your Super Nature. 

This is a time of great change on the Earth and increasing numbers of people feel that they have access to something far greater than what has been ‘fed’ to them. If we are going to break through the belief structures that have held us in place, we must tap into our powers as humans.  Just like changing any habituated viewpoint or action, it can take dedication and bring up some challenges.

One of the primary beliefs that we address in this series is a big one - what does it mean to be human? Each podcast is both a lesson that comes in through the mind as well as a healing transmission in itself reaching to your heart and soul.

In this introductory podcast, Kimba invites you to begin to see yourself and identify with your light body.  As you do this, you begin to set the framework for a whole new exploration into the nature, or super-nature of your human existence.  Your physical body which is a sacred vessel can reference this light body once your consciousness opens to this reality of light as ‘you’.

Shamanism knows the co-existence of form and formless and bridges the realms uniting them into one interwoven Universe. Included are recommendations for how you can begin right now to practice and see the world through your light and begin to let your physical reality and your light body breathe together.


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