The Hollow Bone

shamanic practice Mar 03, 2020

In this video, Kimba welcomes you into an experience of the Hollow Bone. This is the state of being through which shamanic healing can occur. It is a place of both presence and emptiness. It is the fullest emptiness. To work within this state a shedding of persona and beliefs is required. This is a practice that seems to develop with time and yet, it is accessible to all at any moment


Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Kimba and this is our Shaman college blog. Welcome. This week I would like to explore and share with you the hollow bone. This is the state of being that we enter into as we do shamanic healing work.

The hollow bone or I sometimes say the "hollow one".

Let's look at this together...what is there to look at? Well first of all, we don't become the "hollow" do we? The hollow, you can't see it. It is the space, the rich full space. But the bone, the bone is form. The bone is some thing that you can contact.

So the hollow bone becomes a metaphorical touchstone, something that you can touch into for the work. Why must we become this hollow bone in order to come to shamanic healing? You are becoming the bridge between the spirit realms, the universal field, and this reality that we live in with its agreed upon physics, forms, relationships, life cycles. So we become this bridge between the two. So it's like we are in service to this world and we are in service to the universe of field. We are service to the spirit realm.

In order to do this, we have to shed. We've got to take off the stories, the agendas, the beliefs. We've just, we've got to shed that stuff, empty it, empty the bone.

A requirement is the heart's love for nature, for life, for beauty, for balance, for all the colours, all the sounds. This love. That's a requirement. Okay. But luckily that's one that doesn't get taken away. You don't have to... you can't lose your love for that. It's built into us.

And we have our pathways and our portals, right? And those are tools that help us disrobe. They help us to take everything. They help us empty it out. And if your portal (which I think I'm going to talk about this perhaps in our next blog) but when your portal is really established, that portal dismembers you, you can't pass through it, with a bunch of baggage. So we'll talk about that in the future.

But the state of the hollow... let's look at that. Okay.

So together, let's do this together.

As you're just sitting here. Let's see what we can lay aside. Let's start with some of the easy ones. Can lay aside your name.

So just for a moment, take off your name. Okay?

What else can you lay aside? Can you lay aside your age? Let's take off our age. Lay that aside.

So that might be even your birth date. Lay that aside for a moment.

Take it off. You get a different birthday if you want.

What else can we lay aside, your ethnicity? Lay aside your ethnicity for a moment.

Lay aside, lay aside your body. If you can just take a few moments. So you are not your body. Yes, we have a body here, but we're not that. It's a gift that we've been given. It's not who and what you are. So we say "thank you body for being here", but it's not who "I am".

Lay aside your labels, your titles or your roles. Mother, partner, husband, wife, friend, teacher, students. Yeah?

Oh, these are the roles we play, the roles we engage in, but they're not who we are. We can take them off in this practice. 

Remember all of these things we can pick up at any time and we'd do, You know, often every morning when we wake up, we pick them up. But for this practice we lay them down. So I'm not my name, I'm not my roles, I'm not my body, I'm not my ethnicity, I'm not my gender. Just lay it down for this experiment in this practice.

So anything, you might pick up, any story, maybe pick up a story. I'm a healer. If you picked up the I am the healer story, lay it down. Don't need to, I'm not a healer. Maybe pick up the, I am a shaman. Pick it up, lay it down, lay everything down. Keep laying them down. If you pick up different ones, look at them. Lay it down.


As we lay down all of these identifiers... religions are different ones as well. I am a Christian, I am Jewish. You know all these things. We can lay them down for now for this experiment, for this exercise. Pick up anything you want later. It's okay.

When everything is laid down, what is left? There's still something here.

What is it?

What is left? You may notice that awareness is left. Awareness. There's an awareness here. Awareness of what is happening, awareness of a body and awareness of a breath and awareness of sound and awareness of light. There's an awareness. This awareness. It's a bone. So awareness is the bone Yeah?

Now, If you have followed me this far...

What sees the awareness. What perceives the awareness itself? No answer can land. You look over here. It's not there. You look over here, it's not there.  Look over there. No. What senses or perceptions know of this awareness? This is the emptiness. This is the hollow. This is the field of infinity. This is the unbound possibility. This is the fullest, empty space, pure potential. Everything is here. Even the bone of awareness.

So the bone is your awareness and the hollow. It's the fullness, the Universal field, Consciousness. Together they are the hollow bone. The touchstone through which shamanic healing flows. Of course the hollow is through the bone. It's around the bone. It's within the bone.

So we'll go back to say what I said earlier, which is there's a love for nature, spirit life that is not removable. There are is assistance or helpers. Well, some are your paths and your portals that help you in the process of shedding. And a powerful portal requires the dismemberment of your beliefs. Even your core ones, which allows you to touch the being state of the hollow bone or the bone of your awareness.

And the hollow is everything. Nothing. The fullest, nothing. It is from that place that the healing happens. And that is why you will find many shaman's have a very challenging time saying our to the world that "I am a Shaman".

Because if they've taken it far enough, those words fall just like all the other words, they fall. Of course we have to use language in our world. We have to say, I do this, I am this, I this, I that for communication. But one of the ironic things is becoming a shaman or a healer in this way, you have to drop all that. You have got to, ultimately, you have to drop it all. Anyway, those are all words, aren't they?

I'm sure out there and some thing I've written or described to people I've probably named used the word shaman, healer, a teacher, you know, I'm sure they're out there. So I'm not saying anything negative about anybody on that. I'm just sharing the inquiry that happens.


So thank you for exploring this with me today and I'm feeling that I want to send you so much love, so much love to your life, to your family, to your friends, to your communities, to your spirit guides and allies, to your local spirits of the trees and the animals, to your dear connection with mother earth.

Thank you. And feel free to ask questions, add comments, and we will respond to you. Thank you.


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