"Distance" from Shamanism

shamanic practice Jul 07, 2022

I share this video with you to address something we have heard from previous students over the years, that they can feel at times separated or distanced from their practice. If you are feeling this, you are not alone.

Having faced these questions myself in my own healing and spiritual practices... I want to share some insights and some inspiration with you!

Distance itself, as well as time... has been taught into us.

And yet, the feeling of separation, is real and this can be looked at, felt, inquired, and explored.  There is something there for you, to help you.

You have all the skills to feel close again to the guiding spirits and to your true self.

If you are wanting additional assistance, I would like to offer all of our current students and graduates a private meeting with me at a discounted price, £20.  Here is the link:



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