Creativity and Sacred Imagination

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2019

Shamanic practice is filled with the creative process.  We make things to honour and represent our spirit guides, we create rituals and items to celebrate and send our gratitude to Spirit, and we create and imagine our existence into this form.

Through all time, people have made sacred healing tools and ritual items.   They have created gifts to the Spirits, the healers and teachers of their communities.  This seems to be a 'human' trait... that we create.  We imagine.  This creativity is an integral part of our spiritual lives.

We join Heidi Kummli here in this video to listen and be inspired about this shamanic creative process.  And who better to learn this from than Heidi, an accomplished and amazing bead artist!

She is also introducing our new advanced course, Living the Sacred Path which is now available to students who have graduated from Shamanism for Self-Healing by Steve Serr (or our previous Level 1 from Shamanism 101).

Living the Sacred Path is an in-depth course for people who want the advanced studies in shamanic arts but are not called to become a practitioner for others.  We are so happy to be able to offer this course to students that want to continue their mentored studies and travel the pathways that before only were offered to practitioners.

Please click here to learn more about Living the Sacred Path.



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